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             20 January, 2021

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The Reason Why I Don't Pay To Watch the Satellite Dish Channels I Want

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2006-12-16 23:43:04     
Article by Paul Kelly

Does it sound incredible that you can get free satellite TV? It might sound incredible, but it’s possible. There are indeed Satellite TV providers who give away free services.

The primary objective entrepreneurs float business outfits is to make profit, so the idea of free package offers by some companies can be confusing sometimes.

From the perspective of satellite TV, the free package you enjoy can be regarded as a bonus for meeting up with your monthly subscription fees for a period of at least 12 months.

I bet you will be thinking that if that is the case then it's no longer a free service, right?

However, if you look at it critically, it can still technically be considered as free because at the signing up stage regardless of the operator you choose, you will be given free equipments-satellite dish, receiver, free digital video recorder, etc.

In many cases, you will also be given free installation of these equipments. But there is a caveat attached to this; as long as you pay for a monthly service.

Are you still confused? Okay let's look at it from another perspective. The kind of free satellite service depends on the company you are subscribed to, because their policies on this differ.

Many naive newbies think of free satellite TV as an opportunity to acquiring a free receiver and using same to gain access to many channels without paying for the service.

So the idea of free satellite TV service means signing up with a provider by paying monthly subscription fee for up to one year in exchange for free equipments, installation, and free to air channels.

But if you are the type that likes additional channels such as sports, then you will need to pay an extra amount for the service.

Public broadcasting in most nations are free to air signals and when this massive number of channels are added to the channels that are available on your subscription package what you end up with will be worth much more than the monthly fee you paid.

And remember, with free satellite television service, you get to keep the satellite system equipments-dish, receiver, and Digital video recorder- you were given free (again!) when you signed up with the operator.

There you go – free satellite TV is really possible, if you are prepared to pay the little fee they charge for service each month.

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