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             10 June, 2023

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Bed Bugs-How to Bite Back!

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2006-12-10 01:38:14     
Article by Rosemary Horner

Have you experienced bed bugs in your home and feel defeated? Do you know anyone else who has been attacked by them and they are perplexed not knowing what to do? You do not have to give in to their infestation. Fight back! Do not be paralyzed by the many perceptions people have about someone experiencing this problem. After all problems will always be with us. But every problem has a life span. If we approach this problem with a battle mentality we can win the war. Here are 10 things you can do to bite back!

1. Throw away all bedding where you saw the little critters. Do not waste time trying to treat mattresses, pillows, etc. They hide to well in the crevices of the pillow and mattresses. BE CAREFUL TO ALSO TREAT THE PATH YOU TOOK WHEN YOU TOSSED THE ITEMS.

2. Carefully wash and spray the entire area. The spray should be a special preparation that will kill the bed bugs. You can do a search on the internet or visit an extermination store.

3. If you can afford it, have a professional skilled in fighting bed bugs to treat the entire house or apartment.

4. If you are in an apartment complex be sure to get all the neighbors to agree to have their home treated at the same time.

5. Carefully wash all clothes, including the ones you are wearing during your battle, in hot water and detergent.

6. Mentally, tells your self, they will not win this battle. You are bigger and wiser.

7. Ask for advice. You will be surprised at who has also experienced this problem but did not talk about it Do not get caught up in the negative “What will my neighbors think of me” pity party. It is time for action not atrophy.

8. If a family member, who had the infestation, is a senior with poor vision do not rely upon them to give you a status report on new occurrences. You must examine every area on a periodic basis.

9. If you replace the mattress be sure to keep it covered with plastic for several days after the treatment to discourage further attacks to the mattress.

10. Stay hopeful, stay alert and stay focused. The battle can be won!

There is one final note. Often, there will be a good side to a problem. In this case if you have to throw out a lot of stuff that you have been keeping for much too long you will be energetically motivated..

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