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             10 August, 2022

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Random, Rambling, Reflections

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2006-12-08 23:47:49     
Article by Robert Steinman

"Random, Rambling, Reflections" We cannot become who we need to be, By remaining who we are. Invent yourself everyday. - Unknown

First of all, let me state that this blog is not about Random Rambling Reflection. Just for today though, I'm going to allow myself the luxury of not knowing what this blog is about. If you're unfamiliar with the type of material to which I typically expose myself, 'not knowing' might have a negative connotation - perhaps an activity for stupid people. Let me offer that truly 'stupid people' are more likely to think they know things which they really don't. 'Not knowing' I have surmised is what wise people do. Notice that I use them term 'wise' as opposed to intelligent.

There's a huge difference. 'Intelligent' people are capable of assimilating a whole bunch of facts and are able to use them to get a good score on a test which purports to measure "intelligence". If they are also stupid, they will inflict these facts on people who are not the least bit interested.

Is being wise better? Yes it is. Being wise, usually means being happy, maybe even successful --- whatever that means. It means also that you have a good handle on your priorities and realize what's most important in life : genuine love, relationships, being compassionate --- and having at least some clue as to how these ideals may be attained.

Do I consider myself to be wise? Looking back on the past sixty years, I see episodes of incredible stupidity and also some bright spots. When I'm feeling optimistic, I see an encouraging trend --- ie. maybe more wisdom and less stupidity. It depends a lot on who we are when we're keeping score. And If you're unfamiliar with the type of material to which I typically expose myself, it may not be apparent that the 'who we are' in this equation is an excellent thing to 'not know'.

Almost everything I've read implies that through some type of "practice", we can silence the rampant outpourings of the conscious mind and be connected with a source of "inner wisdom". 'Not knowing' and 'not thinking' seem closely related in this sense.

But, it might occur to us to question this proposition. How do we really know that when we experience 'inner wisdom' it's not just simply the same mind functioning differently? I was discussing the benefits of meditation the other day with Cory, my 14 year old, and he brought up this point. Not only that, but in his own style, he nailed me for being circular when I replied that the answer was an excellent thing to 'not know'.

I believe that it is an excellent thing to 'not know', but, he's right, it's also circular (---if we think about things that way). I know, that often when I quiet down my mind for a while, my subsequent outlook on a particular event or problem is something 'better'. I think many, many people would agree with this. I also know that when my thoughts are not racing about, I feel that I am more relaxed and accepting of my surroundings and myself. I even feel more creative. It's a 'good thing' as the woman who's presently on house arrest would say. But, are we really becoming more aware of God's finger prints? Are we becoming more Buddha-like? Are we making progress along the path to enlightenment? Some things just can't be proved in a court of law or in a Psychology journal. As far as 'wisdom' is concerned, let me interject a Little quote:

Wisdom is like electricity. There is no permanently wise man, But men capable of wisdom, who, being put into certain company, or other favorable conditions, become wise for a short time, as glasses rubbed acquire electric power for a while.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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