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             26 November, 2020

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Spearfishing Equipment

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2006-12-05 01:49:14     
Article by Sarah Freeland

Are you a certified scuba diver? Are you planning to fish in waters where spearfishing is permitted? It offers a new dimension to your fishing experience! In terms of spearfishing equipment, you’ll need a snorkel, fins, mask, and a regulator. You’ll choose your spear gun and polespears specifically for what you want to accomplish on your fishing trip.

If you’re going out between fall and spring, then a wetsuit is a good idea. When the air temperature drops to 76 degrees, and the water temperature to 79, consider a shorty wetsuit; and when the air temperature drops to 72 degrees, and the water temperature below 75, then consider a full 6 mm wetsuit.

In the right hands, polespears can be highly effective. Even though they’re usually used for small reef fish, you can turn them just as handily to halibut, seephead, or striped bass—just about any medium to large fish. Polespears are frequently made of fiberglass, aluminum, or carbon compounds for lightness and flex. They come in different sizes for different uses, usually varying between 5 and 8 feet in length. Want to use a polespear effectively? Relax, and stay still in the water. Hold your breath until the fish comes in range.

Are you thinking of spearfishing for striped bass? This is one of New England’s most sought-after fish. You’ll need a mask and snorkel, as well as your gun. Because of the low visibility—even at shallow depths—in the waters that striped bass prefer, choose a reduced volume bask with a large field of vision and non-tinted glass. Choose a simple J type snorkel, and don’t worry about special devices. Choose a 75-cm. light gun, so that you can change power readily for different prey. If you’re out after big fish, then bring some spare shafts. You really don’t need a reel, but it might be nice to have if you’re after big fish or dive deep for security.

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