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             06 March, 2021

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More Singles Are Buying Homes

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2006-12-04 00:43:50     
Article by J Harris

It used to be that both men and women waited to become first-time homebuyers until they married. They rented or lived at home with parents until Mr. or Ms. Right was found.

Today, according to the National Association of Realtors, one in every four home real estate purchases are made by singles, with single women outnumbering the men by two-to-one. The cause is thought to be that many single men in their 20s or early 30s continue to live with their parents until marriage, while single women are more apt to move into rental real estate with friends after college. Additionally, women are marrying later in life, attaining higher educational degrees, and spending more time to establish their careers. This provides them more available financial resources to purchase their own real estate and move into a place of their own.

My daughter did this in her early 30s. A successful web designer in West Palm Beach, Florida, she decided that she was wasting her money renting and wanted something that was hers. As with most single renters, she purchased a condo (townhouses are another good alternative for previous apartment dwellers). Though it was a big step and a huge commitment, she has a sense of security, satisfaction and accomplishment that cannot be found through renting.

Some Benefits of Renting

After renting for several years, many singles become frustrated with their dollars going into someone else’s pockets with nothing to show for it. They dislike not being able to decorate as they wish or sharing space with roommates.

For some locations and personal situations, however, renting may be the best and cheapest alternative. You do not pay for repairs, maintenance or property taxes. You have more flexibility to move when you wish, without being concerned with first selling your real estate. So, if you are considering buying residential real estate, compare your options carefully before making a commitment.

Homeownership Benefits Are Many

Owners of real estate attain many benefits. There are numerous real estate deductions at tax time on both federal and state income taxes, especially if you purchased your home real estate within the tax year. (See my article at this web site, titled “Real Estate Tax Breaks for Your Home” for more benefits of homeownership.) Because it is your home, you can make more permanent changes through renovations and decorating. Additionally, your investment generally increases in value and you accumulate equity that can be borrowed against in the future for necessities, such as the purchase of a car or that vacation of which you always dreamed.

Though buying real estate before marriage is a big commitment, more and more singles are doing just that and finding the move much more rewarding than renting.

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