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             10 June, 2023

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Scam Review Websites

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2006-11-30 02:12:55     
Article by Sam Porter

Review website are popping up all over the Internet giving their reviews “more like an opinion” on every topic imaginable. These review sites are not here to give you their honest opinion but rather use their website to gain commissions from those websites that they are in fact reviewing.

Who really cares what their opinion is, when their opinion is based upon weather or not they are going to get a big fat commission check for their opinion in the first place.

These sites are mere feeding off of others hard work by running comparisons between one another for the sole purpose to get you to come to their review site in the first place. The reviews that are posted are based upon which company owner will pay the biggest commission, and not on the facts or reputation of the reviewed company itself.

ScamReviewSites.com is based in the USA to bring these varmints out in the open and tell the general public why and what they are up to. Their agenda is to trick us into believing that they really have done some research on the companies they claim they have reviewed when the facts show these review sites are merely cut, copy and paste the information from a different review site and changing the company’s name to suit their agenda.

ScamReviewSites.com has nothing to gain, they are independent of others, they do not accept ANY affiliate links or any type of commissions on their reviews. They point out the Good, the Bad and the Ugly for any and all sites without accepting a dime for their time and hard work.

You will NOT find a better source and a more genuine Review Site on the Net today. The information is straight to the point and written without any money agenda, go visit, it’s free for all.

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