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             28 February, 2021

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The Truth About PDA Batteries And How To Find The Kind That Suits You Best

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2006-11-27 21:29:40     
Article by Jane Ling

If you own a PDA, you need batteries to go with it. No question about it. Without a battery, your PDA can't function and it practically useless.

If you bought your pocket pc from a dealer or the manufacturer, than your machine will probably already come with a battery straight out of the box. In many cases you will want ot either get a second battery. This can happen due to one of these reasons:

1. You want a replacement battery to back you up

2. The battery the manufacturer gave you with the PDA is not satisfactory and you want another one. With today's affordable PDA battery costs, it's easy to acquire a new battery fast.

Now there is more than one type of batteries for handheld devices. There are a few technologies that are used to make the batteries, and that leads to different qualities, prices, advantages and dis-advantages. You should take a close look at the different types of batteries and their qualities so you choose the best type for your needs. Let's take a brief look at the different types of batteries available for PDA users:

The old school battery - Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) PDA batteries

NiCd is one of the most proven and most widely used rechargeable batteries. Very dependable and "robust", thus used widely in backup systems. You can always relay on NiCD batteries to do the job. They contain cadmium and have relatively low capacity when compared to other rechargeable systems. But that is just about the only disadvantage they have. These batteries are cheap and you can often buy 2 for the price of one!

Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMh) pocket pc batteries

The NiMh technology is a less popular technology, still available for pocket pc's. No particular advantages here.

The new technology for handheld batteries - Lithium Ion (Li Ion) PDA batteries

Li Ion batteries are a relatively new technology. They can deliver %40 more capacity than the respective NiCd battery, and are much lighter in weight. They also don't have a "memory" – the tendency of NiCD batteries to lose capacity over time and recharges.

These qualities make LiIon batteries the perfect battery for PDA's, notebook computers, wireless telephones and other handheld devices. So no matter if you have a Palm One, an iPAQ, a Blackberry of any other device, you can use this battery. They are also one of the more expensive rechargeable technologies. They may cost 3 times more than the NiCd batteries. So if you get yourself one of these - take good care of it.

The only disadvantage these batteries have, is the tendency to explode if subjected to extreme heat or are drained too fast. But smart solution have been developed to overcome the phenomena, such as smart covers that nutralize the dangers.

The most recommended source for getting a PDA battery is to buy them online. There are dozens of online stores that will enable you to order the battery you need, in many cases at a lower price that the regular store. In many cases the shipping is free.

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