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             21 October, 2021

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Anguilla as a Offshore Jurisdiction

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2006-11-27 01:34:28     
Article by Gissela Martinez

Anguilla is another jurisdiction with misleading bank secrecy. Commercial confidentiality is contained in the statues, BUT the government of Anguilla will co-operate fully with law enforcement agencies and regulators in other jurisdictions, think wholesale fishing expeditions and inquiries related to “possible” income tax violations. In other words records may be requested just to see if in fact there were any taxation violations that citizens of a certain country may have committed using Anguilla as a jurisdiction. In common with other less than reliable jurisdictions, the Department of Financial Services of Anguilla is legally able to share regulatory information with overseas regulatory authorities.

This is always not good. Anguilla has no anonymous or bearer share companies so you can forget about corporate privacy. The banks in Anguilla are going to be less than desireable. The banks may occupy a store similar in size to a mini-market store selling beer, soda and petro. They are subject o bad weather with internet and phone outages. I would be hard pressed to call the government stable.

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