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Top 5 Ways to Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Freeze Alarm

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2006-11-26 00:32:48     
Article by Ralph Winn

In January of 2005, the Sax family woke up to discover that the pipes in their family’s weekend ski lodge garage had burst. The garage was flooded, but that’s not the worst of it. The water then froze, encasing all 3 of their cars in a thick layer of ice. It took hours to chip, crack, pick, and melt their cars free.

Surveys indicate that “frozen pipes” ranks as the number one fear of vacation homeowners in the United States. Water damage is second only to fire damage in number and amount in insurance claims. The best way to prevent your pipes from freezing to make sure you never let your home go below 55°F. The best way to do that is with a freeze alarm.

Why Rely on a Freeze Alarm?

A freeze alarm is a sophisticated device designed to grant you peace of mind when it comes to your property, be it your year-round home or just a vacation spot. A freeze alarm monitors the temperature of your home (or vacation home) and will alert you if the temperature drops to dangerous levels. The freeze alarm alerts you by calling up to three different numbers with a recorded message announcing the risky change in temperature. The freeze alarm will not stop calling until you tell it to, ensuring that someone will be alerted to the situation.

Ultimately, a freeze alarm ensures that you will always know what it going on in your home, even if you can’t be there all the time.

But you can do more than just install a freeze alarm and wait for the phone call. You can jump into action now to enhance the effectiveness of your freeze alarm with several other preventive measures.

Enhancing Your Freeze Alarm: Before It Gets Cold

5. Insulate Pipes

Insulate the pipes in your home’s crawlspace and attic, where pipes are most vulnerable to the cold. The better the insulation, the better the protection. Be sure to use products approved by an independent testing organization, such as Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., and only for their approved use (indoor versus outdoor).

4. Seal Leaks

Keep cold air away from your pipes. Seek out air leaks around electrical wiring, dryer vents, and pipes. Use caulk or insulation to seal out the cold and seal in the heat.

Enhancing Your Freeze Alarm: When it gets Cold

3. Let It Trickle

Let a little warm water trickle through the pipes overnight. Use a faucet on an outside wall.

2. Open Cabinet Doors

Open the cabinet doors around your sinks and near appliances to let warm air get to the pipes under your sinks. Be sure to remove all dangerous cleaning supplies and chemicals out of the reach of children.

Enhancing Your Freeze Alarm: Before You Leave

1. Keep Warm

Set your thermostat no lower than 55°F (12°C).

Along with a freeze alarm, these actions will help you keep your pipes insulated and prevent freezing. When you install a freeze alarm and take certain measure to protect your pipes, you can leave your home for a ski tip and not worry about returning to thousands of dollars worth of damage. You can own a vacation home and enjoy peace of mind knowing it is safe from water damage. A freeze alarm eliminates that number one concern of property owners: frozen pipes.

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