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             17 January, 2021

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Ezines with a Demographic Punch

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2006-11-25 00:42:46     
Article by Scott Lindsay

What is the feel of your ezine? Who will be reading the material? What do they expect?

Every business tends to cater to a specific demographic. Television stations pick a targeted age and cater their programming to the tastes and preferences of that demographic. It is possible other viewers may enjoy the programming, but it’s not always geared to a wide audience, which is probably why we think television has little to offer as we get older.

When you develop your marketing ezine you need to determine the type of individual you are attempting to reach. You should consider whether the primary readership will be men or women. You need to determine the primary age range of the reader and by learning the purchasing habits of these readers you will likely gain some understanding of the type of information they may be looking for.

For Instance

Primary Reader: Women
Primary Age: 25-34
Purchasing Habits: Casual clothing stores, regularly attends the movie theater, enjoys fast food, but doesn’t mind a high-end restaurant from time to time. Enjoys scented lotion and candles.

Once you can begin to understand who will be reading your ezine the more you can customize the ezine to meet the needs of that particular demographic.

There was a time when the prevailing wisdom was to send your material out to a broad audience, but the truth is the growth of online business has made it more important to niche market your product. That means you target a specific type of customer with your ezine.

It is possible to develop more than one ezine for a separate demographic, but you should be careful to determine if a second ezine is needed or if it simply makes more work for you and your staff.

The primary scenario when multiple ezine templates may be beneficial is at the point of sale. If you have a location on the online sales form that indicates an age range for the customer you can use an autoresponder to send out an ezine that is directly related to the age group and gender of the buyer. This approach is still niche marketing in the midst of a broad range of customer ages.

You may not want to develop a separate initial introductory ezine for each age range, but it can be an effective way to connect with an already motivated consumer – post-purchase. This approach can be a sign of positive customer service in the details of follow through.

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