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             26 May, 2020

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10 Mistakes eBay Sellers Make (Even PowerSellers)

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2006-11-23 00:20:00     
Article by John Thornhill

If you are not getting the bids you want with your eBay auctions you could be making some crucial mistakes in your listings. As a PowerSeller who makes a living on eBay I find myself browsing eBay's listings on a daily basis. While browsing I see so many eBay sellers (even PowerSellers) making crucial errors in their listings. Here are 10 simple mistakes eBay sellers make.

1. Poor title. I see this so often, the most common mistake is only using a few characters. You have 53 characters at your disposal so try and use them all. Also, imagine yourself looking for the item you are selling. What keywords would you search for? Try and include these in your title.

2. Spelling errors. If you have spelling errors in your listing you will get fewer bids. All it takes is to run your listing through a spellchecker before you list.

3. Silly terms and conditions. Do you really need payment within 24 hours? Must the buyers feedback be higher than 10? Try and avoid silly terms in your listings and you will get more bids.

4. Starting price to high. Try to start your auction with a 1 cent starting price. This gets the bidding going and starts the whole process. Remember, you only need 2 people interested in your auction to make a killing.

5. No pictures. A picture says a thousand words. Make sure you include at least one picture of the item you are selling. Also, never get your pictures from the internet as people want to see a real picture of what you are selling.

6. Poor feedback score. If you have a lot of negative feedback you will get fewer bids. Treat your customers with respect and don't lie in your listings and you will have a glowing feedback score.

7. Poor listing appearance. EBay has many tools to help your listings look attractive. Adding a simple listing design can make a huge difference. Also, if you are familiar with html it helps to design your listing with your favourite html editor.

8. Bad start time. Remember, the time you list your auction is the time it will end. You will usually find you will have more success with auctions ending between 7pm and 11pm so don't list your item before you start your 6am shift.

9. High shipping or no shipping displayed. If it only costs $2.00 to pack and ship an item don't charge $5.00. Most buyers will avoid auctions with excessive shipping charges. Also, if you don't state your shipping costs you will receive fewer bids.

10. Not replying to questions quickly. If you get a question from a potential bidder try to answer within 24 hours. Also be polite with all answers. Be sure to display these questions in your listing for others to see. It also helps to keep an eye on your auction as the item comes to an end just in case you get any last minute queries.

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