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Top 5 Tips For Blogging For SEO And Traffic Benifits

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2006-11-23 00:19:22     
Article by George Christodoulou

Blogging is one of the simplest forms of publishing content on the internet. They are also amazing food for search engines. Despite this, there is a way that blogs must be created and maintained to make sure that they run properly. You can't just decide that you are going to create a blog and you are going to get traffic because that is just not happening. What you are going to do is follow these 10 tips that aren’t going to make you a blogging master, but will get you on the first step on the ladder to success.

1. Make sure you have a template edited so it is different from the default ones. People who use default blog templates are doomed to fail because they presume the public is ignorant and do not know that 5,000 other blogs look like theirs. Editing is not hard, it takes a little bit of knowledge, software, or some money.

2. Post more then once a day. As soon as you start your blog, start to post 3, 4, even 5 times a day for a month. If you see any blogs out there, you know that they have hundreds of posts. These posts are created over a long period of time. You need to catch up. If you write 5 posts a day for a month you will have 150 posts and that is plenty to get you going.

3. Ping your blog everywhere. This is very important when you want search engines to get to you. Sites that offer you the ability to ping are all over the web. You can even type in, "list of sites to ping" in Google and find some forum thread or other that has a large list of sites to ping to.

4. Use RSS feed and ping it as well. Many people do not know the incredible power of RSS feed. Many blog platforms already start with RSS feed for your blog. This can also be pinged along with your site. Hopefully if your posts are good, webmasters will pick them up and place them on there sites.

5. Use social bookmarking Sites. These social bookmarking sites are amazing. These sites allow people to publicly display there favorite sites on the internet. All you have to do is sign up to one, like www.del.ici.us and join. Then look for the blogging tools and place a button on your site. What this does is tell people to add your blog to there favorites. This brings links, traffic, increased ranking and more.

If you are really interested in learning all you can about blogging you are on the right path. There are plenty of great free resources on the internet; all you have to do is find them.

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