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Choosing the Right Nursing Home

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2006-11-23 00:18:00     
Article by Norma Salvatera

Selecting a Home Care Facility entails more than just scanning directories and local advertising media. An accurate assessment of the living conditions of an assisted living facility requires a well contemplated and painstaking approach that goes beyond services and amenities.

Your selection method can be likened to your experience when you first shopped for a home. We’re not suggesting that you actually pore over the entire architectural layout of a nursing home, but rather to treat this decision making process with the same zeal and energy.

Given the number of available nursing homes in each community, the choices can go on and on. Realizing the number of factors to consider, choosing a nursing home can be a daunting task indeed. If you’re totally at a loss as to where or how to begin your search, do consider the following tips.

Survey the Community

It isn’t just all about analyzing the elements within the confines of a nursing home. Learn to observe and study the neighborhood. Knowing that your loved one resides in a calm and tranquil environment will definitely give you peace of mind.

Check the Living Conditions

Though it would be tough to find a facility that would match the comforts of your own home, take time to scan through the items in the following checklist which at times are surprisingly overlooked:

• Laundry Service
• Bathroom Sanitation
• Kitchen Service
• Bedroom Conditions
• Leisure and Entertainment
• Transportation Service

Meet the Staff

Make sure to acquaint yourself with the caregivers and other personnel within facility. It would be a good idea to keep the communication lines open.

Ask Their Opinion

More often than not, it’s you who would have to decide as to where your aging loved ones would be spending their twilight years. However, try to involve them by soliciting their opinions with regard to the choices that you’ve come up with. Though such issues may not be that easy to discuss, try to do so whenever possible.

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