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             20 March, 2023

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Top Names in Woodworking Tools

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2006-11-22 00:52:03     
Article by Jack Blacksmith

Which are the best woodworking tools on the market? That is a question many beginners ask and many pros are quick to answer with a list of their own personal preferences. The truth is that there are many top quality brands of woodworking tools available in all different price ranges. Some are great for the novice, while pros rely on the more durable, industrial versions of these same tools.

What’s in a Name?

Popular brands of woodworking tools include Sears Craftsman tools, Rockwell Tools, Hitachi Tools, and Rigid Tools. Most homeowners are well acquainted with the line of Sears tools as they are readily available and a great line of tools for homeowner maintenance and weekend project and renovation needs. Craftsman is endorsed by many professional and celebrity handy men as well.

Hitachi, Rockwell and Rigid tools are more likely to be found in more professional workshops. They are purchased directly from retailers that cater to the professional contractor or serious do it yourself home renovator. Some of these top of the line brands can also be purchased from major home improvement centres, but only those in the “contractor” category are generally admitted into the secure areas of the store to browse.

Discount woodworking tools can be found at such specialty woodworking shops at Rockler Woodworking. Rockler is located throughout the United States and offers classes in woodworking as well as all the tools to complete the projects learned about in class. The hardware store atmosphere is more specific to woodworking tools than perhaps your super home improvement centre.

What the Well Stocked Workshop is Sporting

A workshop prepared for the most basic of woodworking projects will have some of the basic staples as tools of the trade. This includes a table saw, assorted sanders, wood glue and finishing nails and nailers or hammers. Several hand or power tools are also needed such as a drill, driver with several bits and even chisels for fine detailing. More elaborate woodworking facilities also probably have a scroll saw, miter saw, and router available for constructing the finer details.

A modern woodworking shop is also filled with a number of cordless tools. The newer cordless lines are packed with more efficient, longer lasting batteries that contain more power and juice than ever before. Rechargeable drills, hammers, drivers, and lights make it easy to bring the woodworking tools you need right to a job site. You won’t be forced to construct everything in the shop and then transport it. You can complete the project on site. A good shop vac is all that is needed too to make clean up a snap.

Make sure your workshop contains all of the tools you need for your next woodworking project. Plans are available for just about anything you want to build, complete with part lists and measurements. If they are not, make up your own before you get started and you won’t be running out to the hardware store every step of the way.

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