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             10 August, 2022

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Discover How To Comprehend a Complex Material In Speed Reading

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2006-11-18 01:52:09     
Article by Joe Okoro

Speed reading is an art you can easily learn if you have decided to learn it. Your progress in this area depends on your interest. If you are waiting for a tutor to teach you how to effectively learn speed reading, then you are wasting your time, the fact is you can actually become a speed reader if you know all the ropes and you can learn this yourself by personal application of learned speed reading skills.

I have actually taught myself speed reading skills that have enabled me to pick up any simple or complex material and read with ease. All you need to do is when you read, look for relationships, association of words to each other. When i read a statement that is unclear to me, i try to find out what i could understand from it instead of putting down the author. Ask yourself: "What do i understand?"

Most times of my life i come across people who find it very difficult to comprehend some materials they read blaming the author for not being clear on his writing. The fact is in most cases, these authors are correct with their write-ups. It is these readers that need to check their comprehension level. Now let's take a case study below:

"With intent in mind, while standing on a bridge, Janet starred down at the flowing river trapped her inside, trying to jump."

The first thing that might come to your mind on completing the statement above is that Janet is trying to commit suicide. But that may not be the case. The fact is Janet is actually starring down the streaming waters of the rivers and seriously thinking of a resolution of a problem she may be facing presently.

It could be that Janet is heart broken by her boy friend, it could be she has a problem at home, at school, at her work place and she is trying to figure out how to best handle the situation. It could also be that she is preparing suicide. How do we make out what the above statement actually mean? Let's dissect the statement a little further to find out what is actually in Janet's mind.

With intent in mind, while standing on a bridge. Yes we clearly understand that she is standing on a bridge, but what intent does she have in mind? Janet starred down at the flowing rivers. Yes, we also understand that she is looking down at the flowing waters..., but trapped her inside? What trapped her inside? Could it be the flowing waters? or could it be other problems bothering her? trying to jump? Was Janet actually trying to jump off the bridge or jump on her problems to find solutions? What is Janet really thinking?

When you check your understanding of any material this way, then you are more likely to read faster than normal. Your speed reading ability will be increased.

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