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             22 January, 2021

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On-Road/Off-Road Safety - Motorcycle Face Shields and Eye Protection

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2006-11-18 01:43:33     
Article by Nathan Waterman

As you hop on your Harley-Davidson, Honda or Yahama and take to the open road, it is wise to invest in several pieces of protection. A cycle ride without some of sort of eye and face protection is pretty risky. What is a rider to do when he or she take a pounding from the elements, such as wind, dirt, rain, and dust? Without something to shield the face, such as a face shield or pair of glasses, insects and other nasty debris can obstruct his or her view.

Today, when it comes to choosing shields or a helmet for your motor ride, there are numerous options on the market to choose from. Different styles, colors and designs await a rider, whether they enjoy a motorcycle ride on the adult or junior level. Before choosing a face shield or helmet for your motorcycle gear collection, keep in mind that a helmet with a plastic face shield is one of the best choices you can make. This is because this type of support will protect the entire face. Sometimes motorcycles come with windshields and in this case, a pair of goggles may be best.

When selecting eye protection, you should choose a pair of glasses or goggles that offers a clear view on both sides. The product should be shatterproof, as well as possess an item that is free of scratches. Proper sealing should be taken into consideration so that wind does not cause watering of the eyes. For full-face coverage, there should be strong chin support and absorbing liners. Below are a few brands to keep in mind when you need to protect yourself on and off the busy road.


When it comes to trend setting protective motorcycle gear, some of the best-designed helmets in the world come from Scorpion. From all over the world, motorcycle lovers are using Scorpion helmets. Some of the helpful features that these helmets offer include the EverClear no-fog face shield, which also provides an anti-scratch hardened coating. Scorpion helmets also use a KwikWick moisture-absorbing liner and cheek pads. The convenience also extends to a product that is breathable and can be easily washed.


Nolan helmets offer motorcycle riders top-notch protection through its Lexan face shield with desirable UV 400 Protection. With the Vision Protection System (VPS), there is a convenient clear shield, which offers three different positions. There is even extra neck roll to further reduce the effects of wind and noise. For those who suffer from allergic reactions and tend to experience irritation with some of the materials used to construct a helmet, a Nolan option provides an interior with anti-microbial hypoallergenic sanitation.


Offering nine different convenient face shield colors and sizes, Vega helmets are a great way to fashionable take to the road. The full-face Vega helmet option provides tons of loaded features. The superb construction and materials used to make this great item offers fully vented capabilities in the chin, rear and top areas of the helmet.

When looking for adult sizes, you may choose from XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXL. Junior sizes are offered in S, M and L. When selecting a helmet, the size hat that you wear is an important determining factor. If you wear a size 7-5/8 - 7-3/4 in hat, then you will need an XL motorcycle helmet.

Additional Motorcycle Protection

There are many different protection items that a motorcycle rider may choose. Fulmer provides riders with full-face, open face, half and off-road helmet selections. AGV is another popular helmet brand that is used in many different professional bike-riding tournaments. It must be something about their clear and tinted visors that makes riding both fashionable and safe.

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