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             08 August, 2022

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Flying In First Class: A Royal Experience

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2006-11-15 17:55:35     
Article by George Wood

It's quite an experience flying in the first class. Not everyone can afford to fly in the first class but those who can certainly know how good it is. You are treated like a king. The services in the first class are outstanding and the facilities are superb. The pushback seats offer great comfort and there's also lots of elbow room.

There are some ways by which you can cut the first class airfare and that is by booking early. There are many advantages if you book early, one is that you will get discounted rates and the other is that your seat will be guaranteed. You can also shop to reduce the airfare.

You can get the latest and the best deals on the first class airfare from sites like Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity. So in case you find a great deal, grab it immediately. This is because the rates change quickly, within minutes. You should not forget to check the websites of individual airlines especially those who do not give their fares on these travel sites. Their rates are listed in their site only. You can subscribe to their mailing list so that you are informed as to when any good deal comes up.

You are given some wonderful and useful gifts if you traveling on first class. These are lip balm, mouth wash moisturizer, cooling gel, hand lotion, body gel and hand gel. You may even get socks.

You are likely to get more in case you are traveling on international flight or on long routes. You will get a privacy divider, completely reclining seats, fresh linen, duvets and eye shades. The quality of food and drinks is also the best. The food is tasty and of supreme quality. The same goes for the drinks. However all this pampering is justifiable because a first class passenger pays 10 to15 times more than the economy class passenger.

You can also travel in the first class and especially if you are a frequent flyer. For this you need to collect the miles and then get a first class ticket in return. There are some airlines which do not charge as much as the major airlines do for the first class. So you can try these airlines. Your business class tickets may be upgraded to first class provided it is not full.

If you can afford you must try to fly in first class because it's a royal and memorable experience. You will be treated like a king and you will certainly relish the services and facilities that are offered.

You can feel the special treatment the moment you check in. There is separate check in counters for first class passengers. The first class passengers are either the first ones to board or the last ones. So it's not shocking that everyone wants to fly in the first class!

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