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Study Feedback

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2006-11-14 01:42:09     
Article by Sharon White

This question is often asked by students who are involved in numerous tasks and are to learn huge amount of new information. They are tired, do homework till midnight, learn much new information and have to do research and writing tasks which require extra skills to master. So difficult and saturated study process should be awarded by some things which will clearly determine the reasons and goals of study. One of such things which can effectively demonstrate the students’ achievements and goals is a study feedback.

Study feedback can be defined as process which shows the real results and achievements. Feedback in its common usual meaning expresses evaluation of some activities when persons who interact in these activities can demonstrate their attitudes and opinions to the persons who have initiated these activities and presented them to the interested group of people. Thus, study feedback should involve interaction of students with their teachers, parents and classmates. The best way of such interaction is encouraging students with their successful results such as scores, exams or researches for homework and term papers assignments. Here teachers and parents are better to interact with each other in order to improve feedback activities and adopt their attitudes to each student’s differences in study approach and even behavior. Teachers should learn more about students’ activities out of schools and colleges whereas parents should be better informed about their children’s achievements and difficulties at study.

First, it is useful to determine students’ attitude to such teacher-parents interaction. If they are not very comfortable with it (due to teenagers’ commonly accepted negativeness to parents and teachers involvement in their life). Students may feel their parents and teachers should not meddle with their life as teenagers have the strong attempt to get freedom and independence in their choices and preferences. Here the secrecy policy will not work. Parents and teachers should talk to students and explain their willingness to help students in study. Students can get study feedback through their interaction with classmates. Here teachers should also encourage such interactions and give students in-class and out-of-class tasks which will involve the group of students work.

Study feedback should be provided daily regardless students results for each day. If parents ask students about their school day more carefully they will definitely find something which their child can be proud of. If a teacher finishes each lesson with the words ‘You have been a good company today’ students will definitely want to attend these lessons more.

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