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Make Your Listings Sell

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2006-11-12 22:32:58     
Article by Jennifer Walker

How great is your real estate agent at marketing? I’m not talking about advertising in the paper or flyers; I’m talking about the simple stuff: putting your house on MLS.ca. Is there a good way? A bad way? Yes and yes…and there is also a “great” way.

Because of the market and how it is today (many more sellers now then buyers), pictures play a more important role. If I am looking at 20 listings that fit my clients needs, I am going to send them the one’s with the pictures first. Because I will only send my clients no more then 8 listings, and time is money, pictures help me sort out my clients needs. For example, if my client wants a bright kitchen, they will be able to see windows, wood colour and layout.

There are a couple of important factors that need to be looked at to have a great listing on MLS.ca. In no particular order:

Pictures: How good of a photographer is your agent? Is the angle good, lighting, placement of furniture? Take a look at their previous listings and are the pictures dark and blurry? As an agent when I am looking for listings for my buyers, pictures do play an important role. If the description is vague and the features are minimal, pictures do tell a great story.

Remarks and addendum: This is the area of text describing your home. Having a great description helps to sell your home because it will entice buyers to visit. Details like crown molding, built in speakers, laundry shoot, hard wood floors, lighting, elevator…all play an important role in sorting through which one’s to visit. Make sure every positive detail is there.

Features and room sizes: In this section the agent fills out the fields in their system that is connected to MLS.ca. I notice that a lot of realtors miss filling out fields like parking, views, elevators, basement…etc. If a buyer needs parking, they will pass over this listing. For rooms sizes and floor type, it’s not mandatory to add it to the listing. If you have a home that you should be showing off, these fields are very important to fill out properly. It adds to the “saleability” of your home.

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