What Are Seeds And Everything About How To Earn Money With MyWallz

       By: mywallz
Posted: 2018-06-20 08:08:28
Have you ever heard of having a monetary incentive to join a social media website, along with all the other cool features it offers? If you haven’t, now’s the time.Where many social media and e-commerce sites have been using multiple ways to garner the attention of the general population, Mywallz has come up with the concept of ‘seeds’. It is a revolutionary idea where a digital monetary entity can be earned in certain amounts from cash purchases and endorsements done through mywallz. This article will act as an all-purpose guide regarding everything you should know about seeds.

How To Earn Seeds
Seeds can be thought of as rewards offered by mywallz for being an active contributor to the initiative. There are a number of ways you can earn seeds, and their value can be judged by the following equation:10 seeds = 1 Tree where 1 Tree = 1 Indian Rupee
1. After making a purchase from the listed online shops through mywallz, you will be rewarded with seeds.
2. Join the community and you will be rewarded with initial 100 seeds.
3. When you endorse a product directly or indirectly, you will be rewarded with seeds.
4. Get your friends to join mywallz and you will be rewarded with seeds.
5. mywallz organizes various competitions, and you can compete in order to earn seeds.

1. Purchase Via mywallz and Earn Seeds
Would you like if you get money for buying stuff? mywallz does that. Seeds are rewarded whenever you purchase from the shops listed on mywallz. The only headache for you would be which product to buy as there are so many useful and attractive products from all the shops listed on mywallz. If you don’t find the product or offer you are looking for, you can directly visit the merchant’s website via mywallz and place your orders like you regularly do in any e-commerce website. Mywallz will track back the order and get you the seeds.

2. Join the Community and Earn Seeds
This is quite straight forward. When you first join mywallz, you get 100 seeds as a welcome bonus for completing your profile.

3. Endorsing Products and Earn Seeds
You can also get seeds by endorsing products from the listed shops via mywallz. What is endorsement? It is you promoting the products of various merchants (e-commerce sites).
How to endorse products or in simpler terms: how to promote the products listed on mywallz and get money?
Hear us out: You just have to choose the product you want to promote and click the ‘Endorse’ button or use the “Endorse link” function available in all shops to promote a product not listed in mywallz. Whenever someone visits a shop via your endorsed link (endorsed product) and place any order in that shop, you get seeds. You can also share your endorsed link to any people (inside or outside of mywallz) who wants to buy that product and if they place any order in that merchant’s website via your endorsed link, you get seeds. It’s simple, easy and fun – it’s hard to believe you get paid for this!

4. Refer Friends to MyWallz and Earn Seeds
Mywallz likes it when to tell about it to your friends, family, and colleagues. Whenever you invite new people to the platform via your referral link, you are rewarded seeds.

5. Take Part in Competitions and Earn Seeds
Mywallz holds social interactive competitions where participants are required to do various tasks in order to be rewarded with seeds. The task varies from event to event, but each is more rewarding than the previous one. Cool, right?
In conclusion, the multiple ways for you to earn rewards in mywallz makes it an entirely fresh and worthy addition in the world of social media.
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