Healthy Halloween Food, Decorations and Costumes

       By: Cindy Hamilton
Posted: 2010-11-01 07:48:39
Having healthy Halloween food, decorations and costumes does not have to be an oxymoron. It is possible to have a fun Halloween and still have a healthy lifestyle.Here are a few tips:1. Never send the kids out trick or treating without a healthy meal first. The temptation is greater when stomachs are empty!2. Instead of candy, try passing out small boxes of raisins, small packages of pretzels, organic fruit snacks, Halloween stickers, pencils, spider rings or other small toys. Many of these small toys go on say right after Halloween. So, be on the lookout and stock-up for next season!3. Determine BEFORE trick-or-treating how much candy your children may eat. For example, make a rule that each child may have 3 pieces of candy as soon as they arrive home and then put the candy out of sight. Determine how much is allowed the following days as an after school treat or after dinner dessert. (And while you are at it, make a rule that YOU are not sneaking any of your children's candy this year either!)4. Make your Halloween "green" by using natural products such as pumpkins, gourds, and corn husks for decorating instead of plastic or paper decorations.5. Avoid face-paint, nail polishes, colored hairsprays and other items that may contain high levels of lead and other toxic ingredients. (See the Environmental Working Group's website for a complete list at )6. Make fun Halloween recipes from healthy foods like carrot finger-food, a melon brain or apple slice teeth! Find all these recipes and more here:, Halloween should be a fun for the whole family and can build memories for a lifetime. So, enjoy the day and remember to take plenty of pictures!Cindy Hamilton has been writing about health and nutrition since 2007 and is the creator of, a website dedicated to helping families live healthier lives without breaking the bank!.In 2009, was named one of the 100 BEST SITE FOR HEALTHY PARENTS by and in 2010 was voted the #32 best site for healthy living by holds a Bachelor Of Science Degree from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.
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