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             23 June, 2018


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What Is The Purpose Of The Zodiac Sign? (Popularity: )
The signs of the Zodiac can give us great insights into our day to day lives, as well as the many talents and special qualities we possess. You can discover a great deal of relevant information about yourself through reading about your Zodiac sign. In this article, we'll tell you how you can use the information provided by your sign in order to improve your life. The term zodiac denotes an ...

The Practicality Of Vedic Astrology - Take Charge Of Your Own Destiny Using Vedic Astrology (Popularity: )
Another year is drawing to a close and most of us find ourselves looking back over the past twelve months, reminiscing what might have happened if we had had the courage to start that new job or had the foresight to have seen what a terrible year it had been financially. What to speak of that awful relationship, that you just knew was going to be the love of your ...

Gujarat Election 2007 - An Astrological Perspective (Popularity: )
Gujarat elections are imminent and political parties are in the news and are gearing up in the state. At this point, all eyes are for Bhartiya Janta Party, the ruling party under the leadership of Narendra Modi. Looking at Gujarat's Natal Sun chart, there is Aries ascendant having Sun 17.21.25 and Venus 03.16.20 in first house. Mars is in conjunction with Ketu in 11th house and retrograde Saturn is posited with ...

The Month of Virgo, 2007 (Popularity: )
As we welcome the Month of Virgo, this mutable sign indicates change is once again on our horizon. With the Sun entering this communication earth sign, the energy is stirring up as the summer season is soon to some to a close. Mercury ruled Virgo's symbol is the pure, innocent Virgin- completing the concept of the ideal woman- as we continue around the Zodiac wheel. The perfection-oriented sign of Virgo specifically ...

History of Astrology (Popularity: )
Astrology is the practice of mapping planetary positions for a given date, time and place for the purpose of determining correlations between celestial phenomena and events on earth. These configurations are then interpreted to the context in which they apply. As a subject, astrology can trace back its roots to Brahma (the creator in Indian mythology), who as per Garga Rishi, had handed him the concepts to be propagated among the ...

iPhone Mania (Popularity: )
Hold up Stars before rushing out to get your new iPhone! You might just want to wait until we see just how operable this new communications product really is. After all, you are all in awareness that it is currently a Mercury Retrograde period, so one can be sure there are some wrinkles in this product to be ironed out first. Now why would one want to initiate a new communication ...

Kate Moss - Numerology-Astrology-Background (Popularity: )
Kate Moss: 16/1/1974 Chart: 6 9 11147 Life Path Number: 29/11 = 2 Nearly all 29/11's have a large and powerful energy field. When excited and inspired they need less sleep than most people. When they decide to generate something new, inventive, original or insightful, they have the energy to produce wonders. Their abundant energy is, however, a two-edged sword. Our bodies are a channel through which energy must flow, and energy is a ...

The Taurus Character - The Second Sign of the Zodiac (Popularity: )
Want some words to describe Taurus? How about "laid back" and "easy going?" Taurus likes to mellow out, take life at a measured stride and on its own time schedule. What can I say? Taurus believes in conserving physical resources ... and "conserving" its own energy is first on the list. You just can't push these folks any faster than they have a mind to go. Either get used to ...

Incompatibility and Numerology - Avoiding the Wrong Partner in a Relationship (Popularity: )
Are you looking for a relationship? Are you having doubts about your current relationship? Numerology can tell us if two people are incompatible with each other based on their Life Path numbers. This doesn't mean that relationships can't work between people with incompatible Life Paths; it just means that these relationships take much more work than others. So read on and be warned. Life Path Calculation Your Life Path is your primary number ...

Careers And Numerology- Finding The Right Job For Your Life Path (Popularity: )
Do you love your career; feel like you are doing what you were born to do; or do you feel out of sorts at your Job? Most of us really struggle to find the right career choice. We try several things, sometimes at the suggestion of friends and family, but nothing seems to really inspire us. Numerology can help. People with a particular Life Path tend to be drawn to certain ...