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             13 December, 2018


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How to PUMP UP Your Blog to Sell More Books (Popularity: )
There are blogs and then, there are blogs. Some blogs are to entertain. Some are to inform. As an author who is looking to pump up her blog to sell more books, your blog needs to be a lot of both to makes sure you get those books sold. I cannot stress this more: EVERY AUTHOR NEEDS A BLOG. If you don't, you are missing out on one of the most VITAL ...

Getting Your Work Published? (Popularity: )
Whilst many people aspire to being authors most stop at the first challenge - getting published. How many great authors and great writers the world never came to know because to this we will never know. Most publishers are so bombarded with authors offerings that most don't even get read. The expense of editing, printing and marketing even a small print run of a book means most publishers won't risk ...

Marketing Your Book with a Blog: 10 Tips to Attract more Buyers (Popularity: )
Books and blogs seem to go together like butter and toast. It doesn’t matter whether you use your blog to develop content for your book, or you create the blog for marketing the already finished book. Some people have started calling this powerful combination “blooks,” books that are derived from blogs. But they only work well together when you implement these important tactics. 1. Use a domain name for your blog ...

Religious Books If Interested in Finding New Pathways or Just Curious (Popularity: )
Religious books are a general term that covers many books from any religion that has a book published on a train of thought that originates with that particular philosophy. Usually at first glance the first thought that comes to mind when talking about religious books has been books on Judea Christianity. However, that is no longer the case. With our culture moving more towards globalization we find that the common ...

Trade Paperbacks - The Most Popular Books Sold Today (Popularity: )
Trade paperbacks are, perhaps, among the most popular books sold today. Since they are often sold at a lower cost than hazrd cover books, they are often available at a wider variety of stores. Many book collectors also acquire several trade paperbacks from the same author, and they have become widely sought after. But just what is a trade paperback? A trade paperback book is characterized by its shape, which is much ...

How Not To Get Published - How To Win the WWOTYA - 1, The Audience (Popularity: )
Never take your aimed audience into account. Even better: do not aim at any specific audience at all. Honestly, why should you prevent a garden lover from reading a fairy tale? Who can say for sure that sprites do no grow on trees? On the other hand, to propose a learned analysis of a Sophocles' tragedy under a title crafted for children -- what about: The Little Oedipus And His ...

Do You Need Help Promoting Your Adult Book? (Popularity: )
You’ve just had your first erotic book published. Or, maybe it’s your second or third, it really doesn’t matter. You’re feeling excited and ready for the next step as a published author: Your book’s promotion online. You settle down in front of your computer and start to look for places to submit your book listing to but, it doesn’t take you long to realise there’s a big problem. You discover that ...

How to Create a Book Marketing Plan (Popularity: )
A book marketing plan is an outline that will help you determine where and how you will promote your book. It can also serve as an indicator of how well your book may do in the market, once you publish it. Ideally, you should draw up this plan well before you send your manuscript to a traditional or POD publisher. Today, many publishers require writers to submit a marketing plan along ...

Qin Dai, the Bare-Assed Female Kafka from China (Popularity: )
Bare-butted, cute-faced, dreamy-eyed Qin Dai is one step away from fame as a writer. She has written a romantic novel and she's using her skin to sell her book and buy her way to fame...but I'm not complaining... Qin Dai has posted some of her bare-ass pictures in her blog on www.ycwb.com and it's drawing eyeballs, comments and a lot of interest. But, you've gotta be able to navigate your way ...

Judging a Book by Its Cover (Popularity: )
You know it when you see it. It’s the paper sandwich that looks so yummy you can’t pass it up. It demands a second look. A well-designed book cover is no accident. It’s the product of creative knowledge and great intuition. When you’re meeting your sweetie’s folks for the first time, you wear something special but not too garish, something that speaks volumes about what a great guy/gal you are. My ...