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             11 December, 2018


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Keep on Truckin' (Popularity: )
. . . as Eddie Kendricks used to sing . . . . . . I realize I'm showing my age, but this is the perfect vision to get us off the dime with our writing skills. (baby!) (Motown, for you youngsters). I'm in the Master's Program with AWAI and recently heard quite a few of us don't ever finish our courses!!!! (which we paid for with money we could most certainly ...

Web Copywriting - What's Different About Writing Copy For The Web? (Popularity: )
Essentially, copywriting is the art of salesmanship. A client hires you to sell something for him in print, on radio/ TV or on the Web. One of the challenges of Web copywriting is that often the client is blinkered when it comes to looking at his own product. We called it "kennel blindness" in the days when I was involved in showing and breeding dogs. Breeders were blind to the faults ...

The Sales Letter Is Mightier Than The Sword - The Psychology Of Sales Copy (Popularity: )
You've got a fantastic new product that you just know everyone needs. You've spent thousands on a beautiful website to promote your great new product. You're marketing in all the right channels, with thousands of affiliates promoting your product. But you haven't made a single sale. You don't understand it; this is something that should be selling out, not collecting dust. You were just positive that people would be chomping at the ...

The Top Ten Tips for Effective Sales Letter Writing (Popularity: )
The global marketplace is fast becoming a real marketplace: it is growing noisier and even more crowded, with vendors all racing to sell their wares to the nearest customer, and with marketing techniques that can be clever, if not downright ridiculous. Indeed, marketing campaigns are becoming more and more hard sell, annoying customers rather than attracting them. Despite the good efforts of advertising companies, customers are now inundated with information and ...

Copywriters: Born or Made? (Popularity: )
Seems like everywhere you look on the web, someone's putting out another "Become a Copywriter Overnight!" manual. But before you go shelling out your hard-earned moolah to glean the secrets that master copywriters know and won't tell you without a $749.97 Instant Credit Card Payment... I think it's smart to ask the question: Was I born with the ability to write copy? Many might argue that the art of writing powerful copy ...

SEO - Learning SEO Copywriting Through Imitation (Popularity: )
Nobody becomes a great copywriter overnight. Sometimes it involves taking a few courses, especially if you are very inexperienced at search engine optimization. However you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to know how to become one. All it really takes is the careful studying and then imitation of web copy that you have admired or found really memorable. The fact that you remember the advertisement or ...

Blowing The Lid On The $1 Copywriting Racket (Popularity: )
The internet has created a global marketplace in which products and services can be procured from anywhere in the world. Small businesses now have access to skilled freelancers and service providers globally. You no longer have to rely on your local area to find talented professionals for your projects. Nowhere has the growth of the global marketplace been felt more acutely then in the freelance writers market. Freelance writers are now ...

Assault Your Reader’s Attention And Batter It Into Submission (Popularity: )
With any article, email or newsletter, after spending time and effort writing it, getting people to actually open it, or read it, is the next big challenge. Your aim is to capture their attention for long enough to continue reading, or to go to your web site and purchase your product or service. After all, your whole goal is to lead your reader to do something, a 'call to action'. Therefore your ...

Online Copywriting Makes Content as the King (Popularity: )
The fundamentals of copywriting include the basic knowledge of journalists — the inverted pyramid. The inverted pyramid is basically the placing of 4 W’s in the primary sentences of the articles, supported by the other W and H on the following discussions. Four W’s consist of what, when, where, and who. The other W which stands for why on the other hand, follows on the succeeding paragraphs, including the elaboration for ...

Freelance Copywriter Secrets: Either Make Offers Or Save Your Advertising Money (Popularity: )
Zig Ziglar is a speaker who talks mostly about salesmanship. But one of his comments has a lot to say about a closely related topic, advertising. He describes a salesperson who never attempts to close the deal as a “professional visitor” rather than a “professional salesperson.” This description has a lot that could help advertisers produce more profitable ads. It is unfortunate, but much of the ad copy written by many ...