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             24 April, 2014
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 » Living-Will


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Writing Your Last Will and Testament - 5 Tips to Help You (Popularity: )
If there is one thing I have learned as an estate planning attorney over the last 15 years is you can be writing your last will and testament. There is no magic to writing a basic will and I am going to give you 5 simple tips to get you going. But before I give you the tips I want to tell you what you have to gain by writing ...

Reasons For Drafting a Will (Popularity: )
Many people do not consider drafting a Will while they are alive and its possible circumstances may just lead to someone dying before they have a chance to rectify the situation. When this happens, unfortunately friends and family members, although very close to the deceased, may not be the ones who actually benefit from the estate. Any funds to be distributed may end up going to those who were not ...

Your Family Needs You to Have a HIPAA Release Form (Popularity: )
While privacy is obviously something we think that we want more of, many have had the problem of obtaining the cooperation of health care providers to give out personal information when a loved one is ill. This is not only a problem when we attempt to assist elderly family members, but also college age "children." That's right; you might think of your 18 year old as a child, but the ...

The Importance Of Making A Will (Popularity: )
Making a will isn't on anyone's top ten lists of enjoyable things to do at the weekend. But it's a necessary task if we want to make sure the right things go to the right people when we die. Not everyone will have a complicated will - some people find theirs is an easy task to undertake, if they simply want to leave everything to their husband, wife or civil partner, ...

Legal Will Documentation (Popularity: )
It is always a good idea to have a Will. Will is a legal document that lets us decide how our property and estate has to be distributed after our death. No one is ever aware as to when death will occur and it makes perfect sense to be well prepared. We might not be quite rich, yet we would definitely have personal preferences as to who are the people ...

Who Gets The Kids When I Die? (Popularity: )
The most important reason to prepare a Last Will & Testament, particularly for young couples, is the peace of mind of knowing that your children will be brought up by people you designate. In the normal situation the guardianship of your children will not be determined until the death of the second parent. If your spouse is alive at the time of your death, then obviously, your spouse will raise ...

Probate Court - Sorting Out the Intricacies of Inheritance (Popularity: )
Probate court is a special court that addresses matters governed by equity law. The primary function of this court is to oversee equitable disbursement of the estates of individuals who are deceased. However, it also oversees hundreds of legal matters including adoption, guardianship, marriage and name changes. In 1784, probate courts came into existence in the United States, with the first established in Massachusetts. Its judiciary role is to provide distribution ...

FAQ's Of A Living Will And Kansas Specifics (Popularity: )
NOTE: The below is general information. I am not an attorney. All legal and financial decisions should be made after consulting with a legal or financial professional. Below is a list of common questions that come to mind when you consider signing a living will and Kansas specifics. What is an Advance Directive? An advanced directive is a written document that allows you to convey to your doctor as well as other ...

Tips For Completing A Maine Living Will Form (Popularity: )
NOTE: The below is general information. I am not an attorney. All legal and financial decision should be made after consulting with a legal or financial professional. In Maine's legal terms, a living will falls into a category of documents called a advanced directive. An advance directive is a document that tells others what you would like to happen in certain circumstances, should you be unable to make your wishes met. ...

Lawyers Need to Have Mental Health Check-ups (Popularity: )
The Virginia Bar Association stated that over 250,000 practicing lawyers are now over 55 years old and that number will be over 750,000 in the next ten years. Everyone knows that as humans age they must deal with brain recall issues. A little less than ten percent of people over 65 experience Alzheimer's Disease. We must make sure that lawyers are not demented. Thus, the Online Think Tank has suggested bi-annual ...

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