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             19 November, 2019



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Why Do People Resist Change in Their Personal Life? (Popularity: )
"Inflexibility is one of the worst human failings. You can learn to check impetuosity, overcome fear with confidence, and laziness with discipline. It carries the seed of its own destruction" -Anonymous • Ask a lady who lives in Perth to wind up her business and move to Cairns. Unless the reason to move is tempting, she is likely to say 'no' • Ask a man to wind up his business of marine products ...

How to Be a Catalyst For Change (Popularity: )
The corporate world is full of examples of big changes that failed to take off. A high percentage of a senior executive's time is spent in planning for the future, making strategic choices, and committing huge resources to future plans and projects. Despite such efforts there is no guarantee that the proposed changes will be a success. No big changes are possible by the efforts of one man. Even Alexander the Great of ...

3 Billion Euros - The Value of a New CEO (Popularity: )
It happened today. Unilever announced that they have found a new CEO, in anticipation to the foreseen retirement of the current CEO at the end of this year. In a financial market that was in decline, Unilever was one of the few stocks that climbed 1,23 euros more than 6%. When we multiply this with the number of outstanding shares of the company, we get the value of (about) 3 billion ...

TRIZ - Local Quality (Popularity: )
"Newsworthy does not necessarily go to the worthy," proclaimed Dean Rotbart. We had just started Day One of the incredibly intriguing Academy course, "Newsroom Confidential," taught by Dean, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist for the Wall Street Journal, and I was already awestruck by how inaccurate conventional wisdom is in regards to the world of Public Relations. Rotbart's session was truly an eye-opening experience. Throughout the two-day course, Dean's ideas continued to scream ...

An Organizational Change Pattern (Popularity: )
The following companies have very little in common at first sight: DSM, ING, Wolters. They are all multinational corporations but operating in a diverse number of sectors: (Bio) Chemical industry (DSM), Finance (ING) and Business Publishing / Information providing (Wolters). Yet there is something interesting about their CEO... A closer look will reveal that they share an interesting feature in the area of change management. All current CEO's come from a company ...

Are You A Parrot Head (Popularity: )
By the title of this Wisdom I'm sure you already know where I'm heading with this topic. I just returned from a wonderful cruise vacation. I love cruising. It's the best vacation in the world. You get to visit many fun ports and the entertainment on board at night is great. The only draw back is leaving a port you fall in love with. That port for me was Key ...

Change is as Good as a Holiday (Popularity: )
A change is as good as a holiday; at least that is how the old cliché goes. It depends on the change really. Being evicted from your house and having to live out of your car for example, that's not such a good change. It could lead to good things eventually, but it probably wouldn't put you in a holiday, festive frame of mind right away. Starting a new job ...

The Whole Person (Popularity: )
Henry Ford is reported to have quipped, "Why is it that I always get the whole person when what I really want is a pair of hands?" The 21st century version doesn't sound quite like that, but its essence prevails in plenty of workplaces. The functional equivalent of Ford's thinking is housed in statements from supervisors, managers, and coworkers like: "What do you mean her kid is sick again, and I ...

Change Management For Shared Services And BPO - Part 1 (Popularity: )
This article provides guidance on change management for organizations that are specifically undertaking or contemplating a shared service or business process management (BPO) initiative. Change management is a critical part of any project which involves skillful judgment that will enable people to accept the new procedures, technologies, systems, structures and values. To ensure successful organizational transformation, establishment of new policies, procedures and processes is not enough. Research shows that over 80 percent ...

Team Building And Corporate Team Work (Popularity: )
Getting people to work well together and as part of a team is something than can in the long term help to generate income for a company and prove more profitable than the cost of organising and covering the cost of such trips. Doing these events abroad can also add an extra dimension to the experience and companionship between the employees and deep working relationships can be created: Below we ...