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             23 June, 2018


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5 Successful Walleye Fishing Tips For the Columbia River (Popularity: )
5 Successful Walleye Fishing Tips for Rivers are location, speed, direction, presentation and depth. Let's explore all of these characteristics now. 1. River Walleye Fishing Locations Out west we walleye fish a lot on the Columbia River. It's a big river and if you are new to it, then it is best to find a map, study it, mark your hot spots and head out to the river to see if you ...

Which Fly Fishing Rod is Ideal For You? (Popularity: )
Fly fishing is different from traditional fishing methods in several important ways. These important distinctions serve to make the fly fishing rod the most important piece of equipment you buy. Traditional fishing uses a rod equipped with nearly weightless, transparent, monofilament line to cast a weighted hook into the water. Fly fishing essentially reverses this process by using a weighted, translucent line to cast a nearly weightless hook into the water. ...

Kevin Sewell (Popularity: )
Illinois is definitely not known for its excellent walleye fishing. Most anglers that live in Illinois will plan their fishing trip to Wisconsin, Minnesota, Canada or Lake Erie when they want to fill their coolers with walleye. There are some places that you can consistently catch walleye and sauger and if you are within a short drive to these waters, you can catch some nice fish for the dinner table. When ...

Walleye Fishing Gear - What You Need (Popularity: )
Walleye fishing gear does not have to cost you an arm and a leg! You can get started for a minimal amount. I like ugly sticks. My Walleye set up is an ultra-lite Ugly Stick and a Penn ultra-lite reel loaded with 6lb. line. I also use a medium action Ugly Stick with 10lb. line sometimes but I usually stick to the lighter gear. My choice of lures is jigs ...

Spincasting - Baitcasting Reels (Popularity: )
Casting in pursuit of salmon species can provide one of the greatest thrills to be found in the sport of fishing, and when you are spinning it is important that you have an idea of the appropriate spincast reels for salmon fishing. Most reels with similar features are priced around the same amount, and you can really go as high or as low as you wish depending on the features ...

Anchor Fishing - Plunking For Salmon (Popularity: )
The Anchor fishing or plunking rig system basically uses the same equipment as backbouncing. The main difference is where the boat is going to be - in one spot where you throw a boat anchor out and hold, so that your line can bounce in accordance with great water lanes or holes that feel salmon will likely be holding. Most anglers will hold their setup in the water at about sixty ...

Lessons for Anglers From a Fishy Education #2 (Popularity: )
If human anglers were able to hear and understand the information conveyed in fish schools, they might be less likely to continue to make some very traditional mistakes in pursuing their prey. By listening in last month, we learned what fish schools are teaching about fishhook avoidance. Today, we will listen in on Lesson II: Fishhook Escape Techniques. We have been assured that this is the typical next step in ...

Amazing Flounder Fishing Strategies (Popularity: )
If you are looking for an adventurous fishing trip, flounder fishing may be the best recipe for you. Catching flounder is best accomplished in deep, cool waters. This means angling out in the cooler weather of late fall and winter months, when being out on the ocean isn't quite as pleasant as it is during the warm summer breezes. The real secret to catching them, then, is to target the right ...

How To Use A Worm As Bait When Fishing (Popularity: )
Using a worm as bait isn't art all difficult, but there are some methods which are much more productive than others. Are you one of the millions of anglers that attempts to "thread" a live worm onto a hook and calls it good? In this article, I'm going to explain why that method is outdated and should be reserved for those people who don't want to be as effective as ...

Fishing On the Open Sea (Popularity: )
Fishing unlike what so many people have come to believe, is an exciting sport. It's a hobby which allows a person to enjoy a weekend with his family or with his buddy. Though fly fishing is sometimes perceived to be extremely boring because of how fly fishers look like in most of the pictures during actual fishing; this hobby/sport actually needs a lot of knowledge and perseverance before someone is ...