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             21 April, 2018



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Nokia N95 - A Living Legend (Popularity: )
The Finnish mobile giant's enigmatic creation, Nokia N95 surpasses all its contemporaries, both in terms of style and substance. Nokia N95 packed with advanced features is another step ahead in concentrating multiple functions in a tiny handheld device. This handset loaded with multiple features and superlative technology is capable of doing everything a mobile user expects. Nokia N95 is perhaps the topmost model in the whole world of mobile phone ...

How And Why Automotive Sound Systems Are Evolving Into Entertainment Systems (Popularity: )
If you've been looking for a system then you have probably been looking for an entertainment system as well. Vehicles today offer many different things to be installed like DVD players, CD players, multiple speakers, and even TVs; there are many different things. In addition to all of those there are more that are calling you to buy them. Most of these even offer mp3 connection. The jury is still out ...

Why A High Quality Auto Sound System Is A Great Investment In Your Automobile (Popularity: )
For those people who love music and like to take it with them, there are many systems that you can plug your music right in to. It doesn't matter what kind of mp3 player you may have all of the newer stereos have the plug in for the mp3 connect. Many of us know that bringing an mp3 player around with you everywhere you go is a lot better then bringing ...

Different Ways To Protect Your Car Audio Equipment (Popularity: )
You might have spent quite a reasonable sum on your car audio equipment. But have you given some thought to protecting your investment? Yes, you may say. After all, you have a comprehensive car insurance policy in place. But does that really protect your investment completely? Not really! You can take other steps to ensure you protect yourself from loss especially if yours are high end aftermarket audio equipment... A security ...

Car Audio - A Grievous Mistake Most People Make (Popularity: )
If you have spent any considerable amount on your car audio equipment, then you need to make sure you are not making this common and costly mistake... Not taking precautions that will either reduce the likelihood of a loss or protect yourself if such a loss happens. This loss can result from a crash, vandalism, theft or fire. Some people can invest a lot on high end car audio equipment. Such people ...

How Do I Go About Using My Mp3 Player In My Car (Popularity: )
The mp3 player has now become a stable part of many people's lives. Not only are they small and versatile, but also they provide the user with hours of music listening time without having to keep changing CD's or tapes. But just how can I use my mp3 player in my car? In this article we will look at some different ways that you can now use your mp3 player in ...

Tips On Choosing A Car Audio System (Popularity: )
Car audio has moved a long way from the old standard AM/FM Radio/Tape Deck combo. Today, in-vehicle multimedia systems include DVD video, television and navigation systems with local hotspot news. Common to all systems is the sound quality. The quality of sound in a car audio system depends upon a number of factors - the type and quality of the media player system, the type of speakers used, the acoustics of ...

Intoduction to the Car Subwoofer (Popularity: )
A subwoofer is the part of the audio speaker system in a home or auto system that reproduces the bass frequencies. Small speakers which are typically part of a small system will usually reproduce frequencies as low as 40 HZ particularly when the decibels rise above 100. A cone subwoofer will reproduce the bass tones from about 20 HZ down to 200 HZ, the point where the sound is as ...

Does The Alpine Audio Car System Stack Up (Popularity: )
For the diverse owners of cars it is sometimes necessary to make sure that assorted additions are included in the car. Many people spend a great deal of time in their car, so it is important to them to have in it what they want. One area that many car owners like to update is that of their car sound system. We all know you can spend at little or ...

Car Audio System -- A New Buyer's Guide (Popularity: )
You have several options if you want to improve your current car audio system. The market is flooded with car audio systems and choosing the right one for your car can be a tough task. However, with a few guiding tips, you'll be all set to choose the right audio system for your car. There are some fundamental guiding tips that can make the process of selecting the right car audio ...