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             21 May, 2018


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5 Step Potty Training Plan (Popularity: )
Because all of the adults and older children in your child’s life use a toilet, learning this process is something your child will expect to do. He or she may even be looking forward to it! However, without a consistent routine and lots of instruction, potty training can be something that is very difficult for your child to master. It is important to be firm, yet understanding as your child ...

A New Baby In The House (Popularity: )
Babies are traditionally called "toddlers" when they start to walk, whether or not they have reached this age. Babies are the most amazing thing in the world and are a blessing and a miracle. Babies are particularly good at learning things that are essential for survival, such as recognizing faces or dangerous animals. Babies are adorable little bundles of joy, except when you're really tired. The word "infant" comes from the Latin, meaning "unable ...

Ancient Baby Names (Popularity: )
The ancient baby names come from old civilization like Roman, Greek, India, Hebrew, Egypt, and China. These civilizations were a prominent empire thousands of years ago. Each civilization takes turn to dominate huge land and region. Many ancient baby names originate from the famous place or city. The place or city represents the status on society. If you came from a great city, they show tremendous respect. The Roman Empire is ...

And Baby Makes - Trouble in Paradise (Popularity: )
When a couple exchanges vows, they expect the romance to last at least until middle age. They top the love that brought them to the wedding alter with a baby, a combination of him and her. Babies bring a different kind of romance and love to life. Once that bundle of joy is placed in waiting arms, a deep and abiding love blooms and grows. Does the marriage grow stronger with ...

Baby Nursery Room Decor (Popularity: )
Do you have a new baby in the family? If yes, then you probably already have a nursery to decorate, right? Baby nursery decor include baby quilts, picture frames, keepsake pillows, growth charts and more. It makes a great baby gift because it's dead useful. There are lots of baby shower gifts, personalized baby gifts and all sorts of presents designed to decorate the nursery with absolute delight. These decorative ...

Baby Weight Scales (Popularity: )
Babies grow quickly and parents love to keep track of height and weight of their growing baby. Baby weight scales of many brands are available in the market. The qualities to consider in the case of baby weight scales are safety, precision and durability. One type of Baby weight scales come in the form of hanging dials with a seat hung from the hook of the balance. The seat secures the ...

Baby Yeast Infection (Popularity: )
Not only can adults with skin folds get a yeast infection, but so can those wondrously-pinchable chunky babies and toddlers. When working as a toddler teacher, I had come across both sexes of children with yeast infections. One of my toddler girls had a huge rash under her armpit. When I pointed this out to her mother, she was brought to the doctor that same day. The following morning, her ...

Boost Your Child's Brainpower by Simply Letting Them Spend More Time on a Playground - Part 2 (Popularity: )
We all know kids love playgrounds. Now, research shows that playing on the playground can boost brainpower too! Playing has been linked to emotional, social, motor and cognitive development. Playgrounds facilitate the benefits of pure, spontaneous and active free play. In part 1 of this article we discussed how children benefit from playing on playgrounds ("free play" and "brain development"). Let us continue... Motor-skills There are reports which suggest that children which fail ...

Caffeine Consumption in Toddlers (Popularity: )
A common mistake is to think that decaffeinated coffee is caffeine-free. The decaffeination process removes about 97% of the caffeine, so that makes your cup of decaf coffee contain about 2-5 mg, an equivalent to the caffeine content of a cup of chocolate milk or two tablespoons of chocolate syrup (see table below), while a regular coffee contains 40-150 mg of caffeine. Moderate caffeine consumption has not been shown to be ...

Child Safety Proofing Your Home (Popularity: )
Whether you have your own toddler or have toddlers that visit occasionally there are some important things you can do to ensure a safe home environment for any little person. Approximately 2.5 million child injuries and fatal accidents occur in the home every year. Most of these could have been avoided by taking some simple measures to make the home is safe for your children. The most common place to store ...