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             11 December, 2018


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Anti Static Mats (Popularity: )
Static electricity develops when there is an imbalance in the negative and positive charges in an atom. This happens because of friction between two surfaces. Even walking on a carpet - when the sole of the shoe rubs against the rug - can generate this energy. It remains stagnant unless eliminated or dissipated, or balanced. That can take place when the person who carries the charge touches, say, a doorknob ...

Static Eliminators (Popularity: )
Static electricity develops when the balance between Protons, which have positive (+) charges, and Electrons, which have negative (-) charges (normally they are equal in numbers) in atoms, is disturbed. This can happen because of induction, friction and separation. What actually happens is that sometimes the Electrons migrate to another atom, leaving less or no negative (-) charge to counter the positive (+) charge of Protons. Factors that assist the ...

Tankless Water Heater (Popularity: )
Tankless water heater reviews serve as an important resource to compare and evaluate different types of tankless water heaters available on the market. Tankless water heater reviews appear in periodicals, newsletters and books. Like other product reviews, individuals as well as companies and manufacturers post tankless water heater reviews on the Internet. There are numerous Web sites devoted to providing excellent reviews on the available tankless water heaters. The easiest medium ...