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             21 May, 2018



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Food Effects on Body, Mind and Spirit (Popularity: )
"Let food be thy Medicine" Hippocrates, 431 B.C. Foods have subtle, and not so subtle, effects on our mind and spirit. Food choice can also be seen as a cause and also as a symptom, a result of, a state of mind. When we are used to a certain type of food, we tend to continue to choose it automatically, despite the fact that it may not be providing our body ...

Causes of Sweating - Is There a Cure? (Popularity: )
If you're reading this article, you probably suffer from something, scientists call "hyperhidrosis". It means you have overactive sweat glands. We're not yet sure what exactly causes it - whether it's the nervous system controlling the sweat glands, or the sweat glands themselves. It's an embarrassing problem to have - you constantly worry about your appearance, whether someone would notice the little droplets of sweat on your forehead, or the sweat ...

Overcoming the Hurdles to Electronic Health Record Adoption - DRT-Enabled EHR (Popularity: )
The concept of a DRT-enabled EHR is simple. Physicians would be allowed to continue to dictate their findings and clinical assessments in their own words, but the transcribed output would be entered directly into the EHR as discreet recordable data. Using this methodology, physicians would not have to change the way they practice medicine or the manner in which they interact with patients. Instead of reviewing a paper chart, the ...

After Five Plus Size Dresses - Tips to Pick the Plus Size Gowns and Evening Wear For a Trendy Look (Popularity: )
Plus size women should carefully select their evening dresses. In fact they should keep in mind that the dresses they select flaunt their curves in an attractive manner. Well dressed women definitely steal away all the attention no matter even if they are plus size. In order to compliment their look they must avoid a baggy outfit. Moreover, they should avoid flashy make-ups and opt for moderately fitted outfits to ...

Colon Cleansing Methods - The Enema (Popularity: )
Enema refers to a process by which a liquid is forced by low pressure into the rectum, through the anus, in order to induce bowel movement or to wash the colon. Users of enema claim that the process cleans the colon and helps beneficial bacteria to develop. In any case, enema has been used since very ancient times as a treatment for all kinds of ailments (e.g. constipation, poisoning, acute headache, ...

Natural Weight Loss Through Colon Cleansing (Popularity: )
The problem of excessive weight haunts each and every one of us. Even the healthy and skinny people out there watch out for any sign of increase in their waistline. Complex diets, exercises and drugs are bought at great expense in order to satisfy the need to stay slim. Many of these expensive efforts often go to waste. Rapid weight loss is always followed by a rapid gain in weight. The ...

Shoulder Pain Remedy - 6 Simple Remedies For Not Feeling Like Atlas Anymore (Popularity: )
Are you someone who feels like Atlas, with all the weight in the world causing you untold pain in your shoulder? Then you need to immediately pay attention to your shoulder pain. Chances for complete cure are more when you treat the condition early. When it comes to shoulder pain remedy, there are several options available to you these days. Let us take a look at some of the most ...

How to Remove Stretch Marks - 4 Sure Fire Tips to Healthy Skin (Popularity: )
How to remove stretch marks is a question that millions of women around the world are pondering about. These marks could be caused by various reasons. Pregnancy, obesity and diet are some of the major reasons due to which they can be formed. Regardless of the reason, you can still get rid of these ugly marks, if you were to follow some simple tips. Listed below are some tried and ...

Find Training for Medical Careers Today! (Popularity: )
Making career in Medical field is one of the fastest emerging areas of employment. New York Medical Career Training Center offers the best/suited career-focused medical training. If you're trying to find the best medical career training program for your field or specialty then you have landed at the right place Nowadays the people who are in medical industry or planning to join the health care industry are guaranteed to have ...

Excessive Sweating Can Limit Your Career Options (Popularity: )
Have you ever noticed a business associate furtively wipe his hands on his pants after shaking hands with you? Are you constantly self-conscious about your armpit stains or how you smell, even when you're supposed to be out having a good time with your buddies? Have you ever had to dry your armpits by facing the vent? If you suffer from excessive sweating, you know only too well the many ...

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