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             18 January, 2019


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Chocolate Cravings - How to Survive Them and Benefit Your Well-Being (Popularity: )
If you think your chocolate cravings are due to you suffering from prolonged stress, you need to work on the things that make you stressed such as your nutritional status, your exercise, and relaxation. There are different kinds of things to get stressed or worried about. There are the things that you can change, and there are ones you have to learn to live with. Alcohol, tobacco and mood-altering drugs may ...

Chocolate Fondue Fountains - A Great Party Centerpiece (Popularity: )
If you've been to a stylish wedding reception this year, you've probably seen everyone excitedly crowded around one table dipping strawberries into a chocolate fondue fountain. These fountains have become extremely popular. And for good reason! It's not every day you see a bubbling fountain of pure sweet chocolate, just waiting for you dip all manner of goodies into it. What kind of goodies you ask? How about cool strawberries, bananas, ...

Chocolate Delivery - The Best Bet (Popularity: )
Irrespective of the situations, irrespective of the times, chocolates have always enjoyed the status of being a mass favourite. They help you make the best of quality times spent with friends, they help you to cheer up a depressed colleague. If your friend is angry with you, try chocolates and see how soon the anger melts with the chocolates melting in the mouth. Parents in the world over, know the ...

Why You Probably Are Not Allergic to Chocolate, and Other Chocolate-Covered Myths (Popularity: )
What most people call an allergy is really an unpleasant digestive complaint; an allergy is when your body actually reacts upon the food and creates such a huge immune reaction that antibodies and other chemicals released to defend against the food actually are destructive to our bodies. Chocolate is not on the list of foods that Americans seem to develop allergies to: milk, fish, eggs, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, soybeans ...

The Best Gift for a Chocoholic (Popularity: )
Most people have a chocoholic in their life. It's the person who loves chocolate. But not just any chocolate. They go for the gourmet stuff. A Hershey bar just isn't nearly good enough. Honestly, this makes them really easy and fun to shop for. Find some unusual, high quality chocolate and give it to them. Sometimes shopping really is too easy. But what makes a high quality chocolate? Dark chocolate is very popular ...

Did You Know That People Who Eat Chocolate Live Longer? (Popularity: )
It is a common misconception that chocolate is bad for you. That it can make you sluggish, fat and eventually kill you. Quite the opposite is true. Recent science has shown that people who eat chocolate actually live longer than those who don't. This is especially true with relatively unprocessed chocolate such as The Doctors Chocolate. This science all started coming about quite recently with the people from the island ...

For The Love of Chocolate (Popularity: )
Who would have dreamed that using chocolate as a skin moisturizer could ever be popular? Chocolate used to be called "junk food". As a matter of fact, we used to blame chocolate for a whole host of facial epidermal problems, the best known of course, being acne. But how quickly things change! Chocolate treatments can be found in boutiques in almost every corner of the globe. Scientific reports now consider dark ...

A Tasty Way to Get Noticed - Chocolate Coins (Popularity: )
Chocolate coins are the new way to advertise and market products and services. The corporate world is always coming up with new and catchy ways to advertise their products and chocolate coins can advertise company logos or be used as an incentive program for personnel. Employees of the month programs are a good place to use these chocolate coins to reward the hard working individuals. Many chocolate companies are using ...

Overindulge in Gourmet Chocolates (Popularity: )
Many people spend tons of money on fine wines and often pay an extraordinary amount of money for a single bottle of wine. Not many people would guess that it could be true for chocolates as well, not even gourmet chocolate. However, nowadays there are chocolate manufacturers that specifically target the higher end of the chocolate market. One of these companies is Amadei. Their chocolates have brought the term terroir to ...

Best Chocolate Fondue Fountain - Your Guests Deserve the Best (Popularity: )
Before purchasing the best chocolate fondue fountain for your needs you must understand exactly what it is. Chocolate fountains can provide excitement and food entertainment for your guests. They were at one time considered unaffordable for the average family or event but you no longer have to shell out thousands of dollars to get a commercial unit. Originally, caterers, event planners, and restaurants were the only place you could find the ...