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             11 December, 2018


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The Perfect Home Made Pizza (Popularity: )
By following just a few simple and basic rules of thumb, anyone can make delicious pizza at home. -Use a good pizza dough - some folks use the refrigerated dough that comes in a roll, some use Bisquick or some other powdered mix. But why not make your own? -Use a pizza stone - This is essential. A good crust is half the battle in making a good pizza. There's no other ...

Chinese Food - Traditional Oriental Delights And How To Prepare Them (Popularity: )
The delectable and genuine Chinese recipes have since time immemorial been the benchmark of excellence in the culinary field. These traditional recipes are the product of an imaginative mind, besides mixing the exact combination of ingredients together with the right amount of seasoning. Traditional Chinese recipes entail the subtle use of various cooking methods and culinary expertise even as one explores his/her unique creativity in rustling up exclusive fare. It requires ...

Hog Tied - Unraveling the Mystery of Hog Casings For the Home Sausage Maker (Popularity: )
Hog casings are by far the most popular variety for the commercial and home sausage maker alike. They have clean bite, a satisfying snap, a pleasing color that cannot be matched by any other variety. For those who are new to sausage making or have never had experience natural casings, the thought of buying and handling hog casings can be intimidating. Fear not. This quick primer will make you wonder ...

Copper Cookware Weirdness - 10 Insanely Creative Ways to Prepare Food For Cooking in Your Copper Pot (Popularity: )
When cooking with copper cookware, you want to save time and money. I've gathered together some incredibly unique tips that will save you both. 1. Bamboo skewers can be used as cake testers, or to hold things like rollatini, cabbage rolls or veal envelopes together for cooking in your copper cookware skillet. 2. Some cooks use a mandolin for grating. Instead, try a hardware wood rasp. It gives you nice and long, ...

Chinese Lunar New Year Food (Popularity: )
The Chinese New Year falls in the months of January to February, depending on the year in question. The Chinese food that is served for New Year is the foods that are symbolic of fortune, luck and wealth. The most common foods are those that are traditionally associated with fortune for the coming year, such as oranges and uncut noodles. Fish - Fish is a very traditional Chinese food that is ...

Simple Juicing - An Easier Recipe (Popularity: )
You have a new juicer and no good recipes, or maybe you are struggling to create a new recipe. Creating a new and exciting juice recipe is not as hard as it seems, if you follow a few basic rules that will help you strike the right balance with your ingredients. The balance between neutral, subtle and overwhelming flavors can be challenging. If you can achieve the right balance for ...

Low Fat Cooking that Tastes Great (Popularity: )
Eating low fat foods does not mean all the taste and flavor that you love has to be eliminated. It does require you to change the way that you prepare your meals though. For example if you plan on eating chicken you should take a close look at grilling it instead of frying it. The change will still give you delicious chicken that offers plenty of protein. However you will ...

A Mouthwatering Homemade Pizza Sensation You Just Have To Try (Popularity: )
"The pizza makes the party" was an often heard phrase in my childhood days, my parents constantly drilling it into me that if I didn't make the most amazing pizza anyone has ever tasted, I may as well have not made one at all. There are 3 Critical areas to making a great tasting pizza, and luckily none of them are "add 5KG of solid fat". Contrary to the popular ...

Knives - The Most Important Piece of Cooking Equipment in Your Kitchen (Popularity: )
When buying knives & other equipment, really consider what you need before you buy it. When you go into shops you often see comprehensive knife sets with different knives to do every job you can possibly think of. Having worked in the professional cooking trade for over 20yrs, I have come to notice that all the chefs generally only use 3 or perhaps 4 knives to do all the jobs. ...

Small Thoughts From the Kitchen - Forgotten Appliances Revealed (Popularity: )
It is 9am on a weekday morning, the sun is shining (yay) and my thoughts, as ever, have turned to cooking. Since we moved house a few months ago, things I thought I had left in storage keep turning up and yesterday, when I was making my favourite loaf, mentioned in my article Wonders of the Internet, (which I have now also used to make a batch of bread rolls), ...