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             11 December, 2018



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GPS Ratings - Key to Finding the Best System (Popularity: )
GPS technology, while a wonderful invention, does not come cheap, at least depending on what unit is bought. Specialized GPS systems can be close to $10,000, while those designed for general consumer use can be hundreds. Even simple GPS tracking systems used for just exercise purposes can cost over $100. This is why it is important to find out which GPS system is the best before actually making a purchase. ...

Computer Time Synchronization Using GPS Time (Popularity: )
This article discusses how GPS Time server System obtains exact timing information to give a very accurate timing reference for Network Time Synchronization. GPS System is a navigation system operated by the Military but also can be used by the civilian and does not need any subscription. The GPS System is known as an extremely accurate global positioning system. Each GPS satellite has an onboard a highly accurate atomic clock, ideal ...

Suggestions for Buying an Automobile GPS System (Popularity: )
GPS systems are becoming more and more popular as people are learning all the benefits that they have to offer. A GPS system is perfect for vacations, traveling to new areas or simply driving to and from work each day. The GPS system calculates your current position by using satellites to locate your latitude and longitude. You will never have to worry about getting lost again and they can even ...

GPS Vehicle Tracking - Do You Know Where Your Wheels Are? (Popularity: )
While for the first two decades of its history, GPS technology was reserved for the use of the US military, it has now gained widespread commercial acceptance. One of the most prevalent of its commercial uses has been in GPS vehicle tracking units, which are now common in transportation and freight fleet vehicles and delivery and courier service trucks. Owners of fleet and delivery vehicles have found GPS vehicle tracking ...

The Evolution Of GPS Vehicle Tracking Applications (Popularity: )
GPS vehicle tracking has been in existence for some time, at least since the late 1970's. Many trade names have been associated with it such as Lojack and LoTrans. These were early applications created particularly for the inventory and tracking of service vehicles, fire and police department vehicles. They depended upon the World War II LORAN (Long-range Radio Aid Navigation) system. These earlier systems provided a centralized office with the ...

GPS Systems (Popularity: )
With the price of gas rapidly approaching 4 dollars per gallon, can you afford to be driving around looking for a location you need to be? Not to mention the cost of your time, or the aggravation of not finding what you're looking for. People die every year because they take a wrong turn and get stuck on a snowy, isolated road. With the advent of the Global Positioning System ...

Some Things to Consider Before You Purchase a GPS Tracking System (Popularity: )
In today's business world, a companies equipment and vehicles are a very important part of running a business. Companies are starting to keep track of their things by using GPS tracking systems. If you're thinking about purchasing GPS systems, here are somethings you need to consider before you go out and buy one. In most cases, with GPS tracking systems their is not a one time purchasing fee. There is a ...

Mio Digiwalker H610 - I Want One! (Popularity: )
Everyone who touches my new Mio DigiWalker H610 says the same thing - "I want one!". This new handheld GPS device is very cool and combines the capabilities of music, video, photos, several games, and of course GPS. It is a very attractive unit that measures just 3.9 ounces and it is only .7 inches thick. The DigiWalker H610 gives you turn by turn navigation that includes multiple modes depending on ...

A Brief Introduction to GPS (Popularity: )
Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are growing in rapidly popularity and are becoming an everyday navigational tool. You commonly see GPS installed in a vehicle but it is also available in a hand help form that is similar to size of a pocket PC or cell phone. GPS units have the ability to be loaded with map data of any where in the world. A GPS uses a series of satellites to ...

GPS and Other Emergency Contact Devices (Popularity: )
What is the best kind of GPS system for you? This depends on what you intend to use it for. Garmin 12 GPS is very good. There are various models of the 12, 12XL etc. They can be found for under $150. The altimeter is usually off but once you find your position, most of the time the map tells me what my altitude is. They have a pretty decent battery ...