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             14 November, 2018



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A Brief Introduction to GPS (Popularity: )
Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are growing in rapidly popularity and are becoming an everyday navigational tool. You commonly see GPS installed in a vehicle but it is also available in a hand help form that is similar to size of a pocket PC or cell phone. GPS units have the ability to be loaded with map data of any where in the world. A GPS uses a series of satellites to ...

Advances in GPS Tracking - SOMEBODY Knows Where You Are! (Popularity: )
Geographical Positioning Systems or GPS in short have been around for some time now, and what was once a novelty has become a wrist watch based minor device with some very major applications. GPS works on the principle of triangulation from a reference system based in space. Having its genesis in the Transit System being used in the US Navy in the late 1950s, where a 2 dimensional system was ...

Ambulance Services and GPS (Popularity: )
The time taken for responding to a call made on 102 requesting for urgent medical support and ambulance service, can make the difference between life and death. To get to the point of distress as quick as possible, the ambulance crew needs to know exactly where they are needed and the quickest possible way / route to get there. They need to know the shortest and the least congested route ...

Automatically Tracking Your Car, Fleet, or Boat with GPS (Popularity: )
There is a huge number of GPS products on the market for all sorts of purposes. For example there is a specific subcategory of GPS products tailored for vehicle tracking and surveillance- in other words, tracking a car, a fleet, or any other automobile (hey you could even track a boat, etc). Certain product lines are sold only through authorized dealers and distrubutors- these are generally the more higher end GPS ...

Choosing a Wrist Mounted GPS (Popularity: )
Wrist mounted GPSs provide the serious runner with a huge array of information that can be used to improve running performance. Whether you are attempting to qualify for the Boston Marathon or win your age group at the local 5K, a wrist mounted GPS provides many tools that can improve your performance. In addition, many wrist mounted GPSs now also include a heart rate monitor, eliminating the need for a ...

Computer Time Synchronization Using GPS Time (Popularity: )
This article discusses how GPS Time server System obtains exact timing information to give a very accurate timing reference for Network Time Synchronization. GPS System is a navigation system operated by the Military but also can be used by the civilian and does not need any subscription. The GPS System is known as an extremely accurate global positioning system. Each GPS satellite has an onboard a highly accurate atomic clock, ideal ...

Consumer Reports on GPS: What the Experts Have to Say (Popularity: )
Consumer reports on GPS (Global Positioning System) devices say that GPS locators can be a very handy and fun device to own for both professional and recreational purposes. By utilizing satellite receivers floating around the earth, a GPS is used to provide you with exact information on your longitude and latitude. There are many obvious and not so obvious uses for GPS locators that may amaze you. For the purpose of ...

Do Indians really need a GPS system? (Popularity: )
In India, GPS systems are being used since the 1990's. The main uses of GPS systems are to foretell the weather conditions, locate the vegetation areas, national borders and other irrigation aspects. It is also used to locate the habitat of the animals. The services that GPS systems offer find no end and experts are finding new ways to make use if this technology in the daily life. Indians too ...

Finally GPS Technology Allows You To Stop Worrying About An Elderly Loved One's Location (Popularity: )
One special group that can benefit from GPS tracking system technology is senior citizens. This group is the fastest growing sector of the population, it follows that for GPS it represents a fast growing market segment. Senior citizens stand to benefit from the technology that GPS tracking provides for a couple of basic reasons. Senior citizens stand most at risk for health related emergencies, because seniors everywhere are redefining their later ...

Fun and Games With TomToms and Satcoms (Popularity: )
Since rising to popularity, sat-nav (satellite navigation) technology has already brought us much entertainment. Most prominent in the news have been the countless stories of car drivers trusting a little too unthinkingly in the commands issuing from their dashboard. Take the one, for instance, about a woman plunging her £96k Mercedes into the River Sence - perhaps, the clearest example you'll ever see of someone with more money than sense. ...