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             19 May, 2019

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Starting Your Own Blog in Five Steps: Beginners Guide

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2018-12-31 10:36:40     
Article by Jems

For starting a new blog, this page provides you with step-by-step guide in setting up your blog easily.

Starting a blog could be exciting for anyone. If you are planning to launch your new blog, then here are the simple steps to do so.

Choosing a blogging platform:
Firstly, you have to select a blogging platform for creating your own blog. There are several platforms available on the internet that provides you with free or chargeable services for creating your own blog. According to a survey of popular seo companies in india WordPress is one of the most preferred blogging platforms.

The survey shows that more than 40% of the bloggers have their blogs on WordPress. Moreover, the platform supports numerous plugins, add-ons and themes to make your blog more useful and attractive.

Going for self-hosting or no cost alternatives:
It is probably the most crucial decision you have to take before setting up your blog. Most of the popular blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr offer options of hosting your blog free. However, there are several demerits of hosting the blog free on these platforms. Firstly, you won’t be able to own the domain name. It means you cannot name your blog according to your preference.

Secondly, you will have limitation on of image and videos you on post on your website. Thirdly, the biggest disadvantage of hosting free is that you are not the owner of your blog. Technically, you have hosted your website on a platform free, and the owner can delete your entry whenever they want.

Comparing to these scenarios, buying the hosting space for a fee, could be a better alternative. Here you can own the domain name, can upload pictures or videos without limit and have full control over the blog.

Starting the blog:
Let us assume you have decided on WordPress, now you will need a Domain Name and the Hosting service. Domain Name is the name of the blog’s URL that the visitors are going to type on their address bar. Hosting is the service provider who will put you blog on the internet.

The domain name and the hosting services would cost, but the charges would not be over the top. After you have done with the given things, you will find the WordPress one click install button on the admin panel of your hosting account. After the installation is done, you are ready to create your own blog.

Designing the details:
This is the place where you will show your creativity. You can use the millions of free themes available within the WordPress universe, for designing your website. The themes are available in the Appearance tab of your WordPress app. Also, if you want to change the existing template of your blog, you can also do so without loosing the content.

Having an easy to navigate theme, which resonates with the main objective of your blog, can be the best. Also, keeping the blog clutter free could definitely help.

Learning from mistakes:
After you have launched your own blog, your work does not gets over. Now you have to keep updating your page for churning out the mistakes.

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