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             23 October, 2019

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PureVPN Windows App promises to deliver the Best VPN Service

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2016-07-02 08:00:42     
Article by James F Bartlett

PureVPN recently celebrated its 9th birthday with a bang by giving a remarkable gift to its Windows users. The new windows app was launched with innovative features that are too exciting for any internet user. PureVPN's Windows app users now have a more user-friendly interface to help them get the best from the app. PureVPN, the best VPN service provider, has always focused on delivering the best to its users.

PureVPN has revamped its Windows app by adding some fascinating features to ruly revolutionize the way PureVPN users use the internet. PureVPN Windows app now offers the Split-Tunneling feature for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions, supports multiple languages, and a real-time feedback feature. Adding these features has improved the functionality and the performance of the app to a great extent. PureVPN Windows app is available with these new features and can be downloaded easily.


In the updated PureVPN Windows app, the Split-Tunneling feature has been upgraded to support both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Operating Systems. This newly added feature will help users access the internet through PureVPN's network and their ISP with ease. This feature allows the users to choose the direction of their internet traffic, which they can either direct from the ISP or through PureVPN's network. All this is done with just a click.


The revamped version of PureVPN's Windows app now supports multiple languages as well, like Dutch, German and French besides English. This means that the app now supports four different languages allowing PureVPN to serve a wide range of users in their own language. This feature will also facilitate the Dutch, German and French users to a greater extent and will enhance their experience with the app. The language of the software will change instantly the user will select the language. The new feature will not just help in improved functionality but will also guide the users in better utilization of the app, enhancing their overall experience.


PureVPN has always kept the doors of communication open for its users. This allows the company to realize the loopholes and improve its service. PureVPN's Windows app also supports a feedback feature to encourage users to come up with their queries and suggestions. Users can now communicate with the support representative that are present 24/7 and can share their observations, suggestions and complains without any hesitation. The customer support representatives will respond quickly and will guide the users accordingly. Adding this feature has improved the overall user experience.

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