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             21 October, 2019

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Magnesium Anodes for Freshwater & Heat Exchanger Applications

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2012-07-28 01:56:48     
Article by William Jahnsen

Did you know that magnesium has the highest driving voltage among the other metals that are used as sacrificial anodes? This is precisely what makes magnesium anodes most popular in fresh water as well as on shore applications. Because of their high current output, these anodes can be effectively used for protecting underground structures such as vessels and tanks. In such conditions, aluminum and zinc anodes might not always prove to be economical.

If you look around, you shall notice that pipelines are usually protected using magnesium sacrificial anodes. These anodes are considered to be the most effective solution for protecting expensive metals in fresh water conditions. They are not only effective, but also very economical. Anodes made of magnesium are higher on the galvanic scale as compared with aluminum and zinc. Thus, they produce a higher level of driving current between the anode and cathode, giving you stronger protection against corrosion. These anodes are often manufactured as per the needs of various different industrial sectors.

In this article, we shall discuss the various kinds of uses of magnesium anodes:

These anodes can be used for both submerged as well as semi submerged structures. Examples of submerged structures would include ships, dams, tanks, barges etc. On the other hand, examples of semi-submerged structures would be piers and pilings. Installing these anodes is very easy as they can either be welded or bolted on to the desired structure.
Anodes for underground applications: A number of important structures such as tanks, containers and pipelines are placed underground. However, even these structures are prone to corrosion, which is why it is recommended that you install a magnesium anode on these structures. There are specific types of anodes that are manufactured especially for use on such structures. The anodes need to be attached to the structure to be protected using a copper wire.
Anodes for use with condensers and heat exchangers: Heat transfer equipment is also prone to corrosion, making it imperative to use an anode in such cases. Again, the anodes to be use used with condensers and heat exchangers are made specifically for this purpose. Remember to discuss your exact application with your local dealer before you make a purchase.

Thus, installing anodes such as magnesium or aluminum anodes does take care of your corrosion-related concerns. Aluminum anodes are increasingly being used in salt water and brackish water applications because of their active electrochemical properties. Once you have installed an anode, it is vital to keep checking them periodically. If you notice that these anodes have reached around 40% to 50% of their original dimension, it is time to replace them. Magnesium anodes will waste away to offer you a continuous corrosion protection cycle.

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