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             15 December, 2019

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Share Best Funny Text Messages to your Pals & closed ones

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2012-06-23 02:09:55     
Article by Rihanna Khan

You are not completely dressed up if you don't wear a smile. Smile is seen to be the best medication and in an effort to make individuals giggle, one or two funny jokes are necessary. If you’re not using your smile, you’re like a man with a million dollars in the bank and no chequebook. It is rigorously tested that in an effort to stay fit and healthy, both physically as well as mentally, fun together with exciting humorous personality is best medication ever and there is not any easier way to make you smile than jokes and amusing sayings.

With the coming of SMS technologies, now there is absolutely no need to be in person present in order share humor with all the other. A person can use his cell phone or PC and send Text Messages to his buddies & loved ones & spread smiles on their faces.

Everyone you interact now a day has some type of load which makes them sad or serious but a joke may break the ice and fetch smile to every individual's face. A very vital medium of smiling and rejoicing our spouse and children is Funny SMS.

A funny TEXT can be sent during any occasion if the receiver is able to see & understand the funny portion of it. You can send it as a birthday message, wedding or as a love message which can be made romantic but with something to laugh about. A funny text can be simply a joke that is supposed to bring some lighter moments. You can share it with your friends and close relatives and many of us like to interchange such messages during work when the emotional tension is really high and you wish to see people smiling.

When planning to ask a girl out, you can avoid all serious feel and use a text message that is both funny and mischievous. You can also keep your loving relationship alive by interchanging funny SMS time and time again as love messages.

Funny messages can be offensive sometimes hence they should be sent with care. They can bring in lots of fun in a group but they must be done within limitations. Such messages are common among the teenagers and older people who probably would not see the funny side of it and may find them offensive. When you are sending out funny jokes, think twice about your receivers specially if you are sending to new people you are not used to.

Usually SMS Messages are being sent everywhere and these include all type of messages from jokes to quotes but the one that is really common and is sent the most by all the people is the funny SMS. Go to Web2sms.pk now and begins sending New Funny Text Messages to your friends & close relatives.

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