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             21 April, 2014
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How And Why You Should Think Like A Tabloid Writer...

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2012-02-20 01:30:39     
Article by Aaron Campbell

Thinking Like A Tabloid Writer

If you want your phone to ring and your tills to ding, your advertising must get peoples attention!

Every single day people are inundated with advertising from thousands of places. If you want yours to get noticed - it had better be different.

One recent number I saw showed that people see more advertisements in 4 hours than they used to see in an entire 30 day span - and this stratospheric jump has only happened in the past 10 years!

Here is a simple five-step formula for every piece of advertising you run to promote your business:

1. Get their attention in a very bold way.
2. Arouse their emotions and their interest.
3. Tell them an interesting story in a believable way.
4. Offer them an incentive to take action - right NOW.
5. Ask them to take action immediately and make it easy to do so without too many choices.

Most people are unaware that the success of your advertising is completely dependent on one single component - your headline.

A strong, benefit packed headline holds 80 - 90% of the success of your advertising. If you do not get their attention with a headline they will not read anything else.

Look at the National Enquirer, People, The Star etc. those magazines sell so well because of the headlines on the cover (and they do - more than the top 3 business newspapers and magazines combined!)

The people who write those headlines make upwards of one million dollars per year to write the most exciting, appealing, emotion stirring headlines possible. And their best headlines, sell millions of copies of those newspapers every single week.

Think like a tabloid writer - is there anything you can say about your business or products that would make people stop in a grocery lineup to read your advertising?

If so, use it!

People do not buy on logic, they buy based on emotions.

You must ask them to take action with every piece of marketing material - offer them an incentive to phone you today, or get a free report from your web site, or fax in a coupon for a special incentive.

The key is to make it worth their while and to ask them to do it right now.

Also, do not ask them to do 3 different things at once - we mere humans are not that complex and can only handle one thing at a time!

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