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             20 May, 2018

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Designing An Enjoyable Garden For Your House

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2011-12-11 03:32:51     
Article by Clara Lusa

When building a house most people concentrate on the planning and design on the interiors and outlooks, but forget to give detailed attention to houses exteriors as well. This concerns most public spaces around apartment buildings as well. Gardens and yards can however be designed in a way that they give even more joy for their respective householders.

Plans where yard is segmented into spaces according to which purpose and who are using the area help to construct the outer spaces to benefit efficiently and pleasantly the use of all the inhabitants. Especially families with children can benefit more on their exterior spaces when the needs of the all the members of the family have been taken into account when designing the outer spaces of the house. The car park should be in a distance from the areas meant to be hang outs and playground (in Finnish: leikkialue) areas, and football and basketball is best to play away from windows and other fragile items.

For children all kinds of hides, slides and open spaces are inspiration for play, an exciting environment to explore. These can be nicely combined with gardening areas such as plantings and group of bushes or trees. Special playground areas invite children to use their creativity and imagination. For security and especially with small children, good items are a fence around the playground are and a gate, which prevent them to run from the yard into dangers of for example nearby road. Inspirational equipment and scaffoldings to climb on will give children more activity on the exterior spaces. Adventure and imagination lives in children’s play.

Lappset offers great variety of products to suit, beside the needs of the children of all ages, also adults and seniors as well. When a suitable combination of equipment is chosen carefully it can serve generations from grandmother to youngest one in the family. Lappset wooden Finno equipment are classics found in many Finnish children’s park areas, and the designs, materials and colors suits the Finnish habitation landscape well. The equipment include among others swings, sandboxes, slides and climbing frames.

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