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             15 December, 2017

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Rackmount Powerstrips – The Preferred Accessory for Server Racks

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2011-04-28 01:54:29     
Article by Nathan Syngrem

Rackmount powerstrips are in huge demand for supplying power in server racks. There are different types of powerstrips available that can be selected according to requirements. Use of this accessory is mainly done for multi-storied server racks which have to supply continuous power. Lots of options are available today to ensure high end data security and access. Monitored/Metered rackmount powerstrips is one of the latest attractions in the field of information technology. With the use of updated technology these power strips are engineered to deliver accurate electricity usage.

Working of Metered Powerstrips

These power strips display the amount of power consumed for the smooth functioning of servers. They have separate meters installed on the powerstrip display. Once the connection is completed, working and storing of data takes place. It is easy to track the power consumption with the use of numerical representation of data. It also ensures to stop high current flow of electricity. At times power fluctuations can take place; in such situations servers can be damaged. If a server is damaged due to short circuit, data recorded can be lost. To stop short circuiting use of metered version is done.

Understanding Power Consumption of Rackmount Powerstrips

Evaluating power consumption per month is possible with the use of such equipment. It shows accurate power consumption of single or multiple servers. At times different operating modes are also available that can be selected according to requirements. Custom design of these power strips is also available for installation in server racks. Internet is one of the advanced options that can be used for purchasing these inbuilt racks. Most of the websites offer free delivery which will save lots of time. You need not waste your working day in visiting the hardware or computer accessory shop to purchase these racks as you can directly order them through the internet.

Usage of Rackmount Powerstrips

Most industrial sectors make use of metered rackmount powerstrips. They help a lot in knowing the operation cost of every work process. Individual server mapping can be done with the use of metered powerstrips. Server racks with such operational features prove to be essential and reduces operation time. Servers are operational at a lower temperature because of free flow of power. Cleaning and maintenance of such power strips is not much since they are made out of high end technology. Use of perforated sheets is done in the rear section for cooling of these power supply equipment. You can also fit computer rack with these high end options.

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