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             20 July, 2019

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A Reason Why the Father Daughter Relationship Is Important - Successful Relationships

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2010-11-01 07:22:51     
Article by Nathaniel Lewis

Your daughters first date. The day every father dreads, I remember how jealous I felt, when a young boy made my daughter laugh and giggle on the phone. Relax dads; this is part of their growing and learning. How will your daughter know, if this guy is a jerk or not? She can weed out the shady characters because her dad has showed her how a man should treat a lady and her example is how her dad respects her mother and her.

How we treat and love our daughters, they instinctively are drawn to boys (and later men) who in some way remind them of their father. No, it's doesn't mean she's spoiled, it means you raised her well and the qualities about you, that are special to her, she will recognize in a young man who is unknowingly like her dad.

Mother's play an important role in their daughters selection of men as well. Mom, how do you treat her father? Your daughter will learn from you, how to treat the men in her life. If there is no father in the home, how do you treat male figures in your life, after all, no matter which they are to you (mom), your daughter is watching how you talk to and how you behave around men. Fathers, our son's will copy you, in how they observe they way you treat his mother. This is important, if the son, is exposed to seeing his mother talked to harshly, little boys will talk in like manner to his mother and possibly his sister(s) too. Sisters will be treated in like manner by the son as dad treats the mother; fathers have a great responsibility in the lives of children.

Children will be children; how's that for a cliché? While this is true, our daughters need our approval and they will look for it. Sure they will do enough things wrong while they're growing up, but point out and praise them for what they do right! This is another important part of their development. The one thing, we as fathers do not want, is for our daughters to be seeking dad's approval throughout their adult lives, in men who neither loves nor care about them.

Teach them, while they are young, talk to them, and spend some time with her as she gets older. We only have our little girls for a short period of time, the impressionable years that you spend wisely with her, are important to her and she doesn't even know it yet. Her chances of having future successful relationships, depends on how much you are in her life.

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