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             18 June, 2018

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Simple Juicing - An Easier Recipe

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2009-10-14 05:50:39     
Article by James Stumptown

You have a new juicer and no good recipes, or maybe you are struggling to create a new recipe. Creating a new and exciting juice recipe is not as hard as it seems, if you follow a few basic rules that will help you strike the right balance with your ingredients. The balance between neutral, subtle and overwhelming flavors can be challenging. If you can achieve the right balance for your tastes you will be able to consider yourself an expert juicer.

Neutral flavored produce; more juice for your juicer

So what kind of produce qualifies as neutral in flavor? There are a lot of potential fruits and veggies that could be considered neutral. I'll tell you the most common ones. A solid base would be apple and carrots for your juicing recipes. Start with these as they are a good place to start your experiment. Other ingredients can be added in as accents which we will explore in a moment. These flavors cancel each other out nicely and yield more juice then you might imagine. Another great neutral addition is lettuce. Just make sure you peel away first couple of out leaves and remove the core. Juicing those parts could add a little bitter to your drink.

Bold flavors better for accenting your beverage

Don't be intimidated by crazy tasting produce; don't let them hijack your recipe either. Take it easy with your favorite produce, if it carries a bold flavor. It may be best to ease it into the recipe before you get all crazy. A best practice is to limit your overwhelming produce to consist of only an 1/8 or less of the total juicer recipe. Experiment until you get the right balance for your tastes. The most common strong flavored veggies are: celery, cucumber, and cabbage. Common fruits are: lemon, orange and grapefruit, these can easily overpower your drink.

Easy and Subtle

Bell peppers and baby spinach are examples of good, subtle ingredients. Keep in mind that green vegetables have more vitamins and minerals in them, then lighter fair. It's pretty fair to assume that if it's a vegetable or fruit you absolutely love in raw food form, then feel free let loose and go while. Base your recipe on these rather than other ingredients. See how you like it.

If you just take this small amount of advice you will be well on your way to exploring new juice recipe of your own making. Don't' be afraid to experiment one glass at a time until you find the winners. Keep a juicing log nearby so you can write down your experiments.

As a long time healthy living advocate, I am always looking for great new juicing recipes I encourage juicing as a great alternative way to get the daily recommended severing of vegetables and fruits. I've come across some terrific juicers and recipes.

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