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             21 May, 2018

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What is ORMUS ,White Powder Gold ? Is it the Perfect food?

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2009-10-12 07:02:56     
Article by Brendan Georgeson

ORMUS(sometimes also referred to as ORME, monoatomic elements, and/orm-state materials) is a class of physically distinct atomic mineral substances that are unique forms of matter that appear to be closer to the state of aether or vacuum or pure energy than normal matter such as the common mineral and atomic compounds found on Mendeleyev's Periodic Table of the Elements.

These distinct substances also seem to be intimately woven into the fabric of living things. They appear to be associated with what causes everything to "live." These forms of matter can have an attraction for the heavens, and through proper forms of motion and catalysts, they will aetherialize and levitate (or actually fall upwards). Such substances in spiral motion and in combination with hydrogen and sulfur compounds could be the cause of all plant and animal growth upward against gravity (we believe they can, under controlled scientific conditions, actually displace the force of gravity, thus causing levitation). These substances are not like the other atomic units of matter found on the Periodic Table of the Elements. When isolated and separated from other parent materials,these substances display consciousness. They move to escape isolation by jumping (or teleporting) into nearby salts, oils, water sources,and even the atmosphere itself.

ORMUS ATOMS or minerals are a chemically identified separate class of substances, just like the halogens or the metals, except that Ormus atoms do not find placement on the two-dimensional Periodic Table of the Elements. Ormus elements appear to be isolated or micro-cluster bits of atomic materials that are closer, as previously mentioned, to the pure energy state of the vacuum (aether or zero point). Ormus elements can have the visible appearance (when isolated and dried) of silicon-like, ceramic powdery substances.

Ormus elements apparently show up in our reality (deep in the Earth, in lava, in salts, in the oceans, in springs, etc.) as in folded substances that, under certain types of stimulation, will unfold into a metal. Ormus could be the source of all metals. Therefore, we identify the ORMUS ELEMENTS in relationship to the metal they can unfold into (e.g. Ormus copper, Ormus gold, Ormus rhodium, etc.)

This brings us to an interesting immediate supposition: what if the whole Periodic Table of the Elements, the scientific cataloging of the atoms (hydrogen, helium, carbon, oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, calcium,iodine, gold, etc.) is incomplete? Then everything we were taught about the atomic content of water, stones, precious minerals, gems,crystals, plants, animals, etc., is incomplete.

It has been discovered in this regard that what is being called carbon is actually not always carbon; sometimes it is something else. What is being called calcium is actually not always calcium; sometimes it is something else. What is being called silicon is actually not always silicon; sometimes it is something else. What is being called iron sometimes is actually not always iron; sometimes it is something else. And that something else is actually ORMUS.

This material is found inside of every human being. David Hudson, a present-day alchemist who "re-discovered" Ormus in basalt rock in the Arizona desert, indicates that as much as 5% of the dry matter weight of our nervous system could be Ormus elements (in particular: Ormus rhodium and Ormus iridium) based on Ormus extractions he conducted on calf and pig brains.
The rediscovery of ORMUS in our times by alchemist David Radius Hudson appears to be one of the greatest scientific break throughs ever; it has revivified and given new meaning to history's great alchemical writings.

Because of the dynamic nature of communication in our times, David Hudson's information (as recorded and transcribed during his famous lectures for audiences in Dallas, Yelm, Vancouver, and Global Sciences, which are available on the Internet) reveals alchemical secrets in a format that is understandable and useful to the layperson as well as the curious home scientist or mild-mannered superhero.

David Hudson made some innovative discoveries. He found that ORMUS Minerals are present in animals, plants, and in the soil of the Earth itself in varying concentrations. Hudson also discovered that Ormus may be ten times more abundant in human tissues than all trace minerals(e.g. zinc, copper, iodine, chromium, etc.) combined. The implications of all this, as it pertains to nutrition, become obvious. What if we have been deficient in Ormus minerals? What if we've been taking the wrong kind of mineral supplements? Is it possible that we (and our ancestors) have never been filled to the brim with Ormus minerals? And therefore never achieved our full capabilities of personal power?

Hudson's research led to the theory that Ormus elements can be accumulated by individuals who ingest Ormus in various forms (food, concentrated supplements, atmospheric sources, fresh spring water at the source,through the skin, psychically-meditatively). Ormus can also be excreted.

We suspect that Ormus can be accumulated and excreted from two types of evidence: 1) We find that the physical effects felt by those who take Ormus mineral supplements appear to accumulate. 2) Ormus elements can be extracted from urine. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that the content of Ormus elements in the human body is dynamic, not stable.
We have found and collected data over a number years indicating that certain plants either "mine" and sequester Ormus elements within their living cells in higher densities than other plants or concentrate them in high quantities in ways that other plants do not. Even though this list is far from complete (and very rudimentary), we can now say with relative certainty that the ORMUS rich-plants and edibles include:

Aloe vera
Apricot kernels (the inner pit of the stone)
Bee pollen (wild, especially from volcanic regions)
Blue-green algae from Klamath Lake, Oregon
Carrots (depends on the Ormus content of the soil)
Chamae Rose
Chocolate (organic chocolate contains Ormus nickel according to MiraculeWater.com)
Coconut water (wild)
Flax oil
Goji berries (in the polysaccharides)
Grasses and grains (if grown with diluted ocean water or with the proper fertilizer; grasses and grains include wheat, barley, corn, rice, sugar cane, etc.)
Grape seeds
Honey (wild, especially from volcanic regions)
Larch bark
Medicinal mushrooms (reishi, cordyceps, coriolus, Fomes fomentarius, shiitake, maitake, etc.)
Mustard (brown and stone-ground as reported by MiraculeWater.com)
Noni fruit
Royal jelly
Sheep sorrel
Slippery elm bark
St. John's Wort
Vanilla (whole beans)
White pine bark

It is becoming more and more clear that the super foods and super herbs of the planet concentrate the Ormus minerals more than other foods. It is possible that future analytical data will support the presence of high Ormus concentrations in spirulina, chlorella, marine phytoplankton, maca, kelp (as well as other seaweeds), hemp (and many other seeds), nettles, asparagus, ginseng, astragalus, ho shou wu(fo-ti), cat's claw bark, pau d'arco bark, tulsi, ashwaganda, treesap (maple, pine), many of the berries (acai, blueberries,raspberries, blackberries, schizandra, ginseng berries, spikenardberries, goose berries, Incan berries, etc.).

These are the primary foods of the superhero. Imagine the rejuvenation and hydration of every one of your cells. Picture your every cell as a galaxy with a spinning black hole (singularity) at its center and a renewed event horizon (membrane) allowing it to magnetize new energy levels, awarenesses, and cellular attitudes.

In the greatest movie of all the ages it appears that GMO popcorn and high-fructose corn syrup licorice are going to be replaced by the best food ever.

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