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             20 July, 2019

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The Magic Ingredient

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2009-08-10 07:24:54     
Article by Sara Melone

Do you want to know the magic ingredient to ensure you always have pleasant dates and get everything you expect out of the dating relationship?

Then again, it's not really a secret. The most important ingredient you bring to the experience is your own great attitude - but you probably already knew that.

After all, life's experiences always come down to the way we choose to interpret them.

You've likely seen someone get ready for a date and they immediately make the assumption that they will not meet anyone interesting, and they will not have a good time. Unless their date turns out to be out of this world, chances are their own negative attitude is going to willingly and obediently self-fulfill their own prophecy.

By the same token, if someone is preparing for a date with a certain level of excitement and anticipation about meeting someone new regardless of whether or not the date is the exact right match for them, they are more than likely going to have a good time regardless of how the date turns out.

It's all in the attitude with which we approach everything we do. Every single date need not be the decisive interview to determine whether or not the other person is a prospective soul mate or "good enough" to spend time with. No date should be considered a failure or a waste of time. Dating is about meeting, socializing, networking and having fun. If we approached every single date with that attitude and felt free to have a great time on every date regardless of romantic potential, wouldn't that make dating (and life) so much better?

Just be who you are and love every moment regardless of what is happening. Even if your date is a total dud in the love connection, learn to appreciate them for who they are anyway. You might make a great friend for life, or you could meet a great person to set up with someone else you know. Perhaps you could even meet the love of your life through that person in a totally unexpected way. You just never know.

Even if you get nothing else but the experience of meeting someone and seeing the world through their for an hour or two, that can still be reason enough to be grateful and enjoy yourself.

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