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             20 May, 2018

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Choosing a Charcoal BBQ

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2008-11-06 07:26:36     
Article by Shaun Lawton

Once you've decided to own your own BBQ grill the first thing you would do is check out the different kinds of BBQ available and check out the pros and cons of each. When you finally decide that a charcoal BBQ is the perfect one for you, you then find out that there are different kinds of charcoal BBQ too, and again each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. So you have to find the right one that suits your purpose. Please understand that in some countries, the word "grill" is used instead of BBQ. The word BBQ (or Barbecue, Barbeque, Braai, Bar-B-Q, etc) has many meanings all over the world... generally, however, BBQ means the EVENT, the EQUIPMENT, the FOOD, the act of BBQ'ing... etc. So - it's a pretty 'multi-talented' word.

If you travel a lot and the places you visit often are the kind where you can use your charcoal BBQ, then you need to look at charcoal BBQs that are smaller in size and travel-friendly. These smaller sized charcoal BBQs would be extremely handy for camping and small family events. Of course - I'm not talking about the disposable variety. I'm not so keen on those.

When buying a charcoal barbecue, besides the size of the grill, safety should be your prime concern. Charcoal BBQs use fire and hot embers for cooking. If the barby is unsteady and falls over, hot coals could fly off in all directions and this could be real fire hazard. So - you should buy a barbeque which has sturdy legs as well as a sturdy structure. If the BBQ has flimsy, shaky legs at the outset, it will just get worse while barbecuing is in progress. And trust me... that's not much fun.

A charcoal BBQ uses charcoal briquettes as well a lighter fluid as fuel to cook the food. Charcoal cannot be re-used but it is rather inexpensive and available in plenty at any local store, grocery store or gas/petrol station. I will cover how to make a really good Charcoal fire in another article. This in itself can be a bit of an art - but one well worth getting to grips with...

For more information on Charcoal BBQ's, feel free to visit "The Blazing BBQ"

This article has been adapted from the Ravishing Global Community.

Shaun loves to BBQ. He is from South Africa and thus generally refers to a BBQ as a Braai! For more BBQ, Barbeque, Barbecue, Braai, outdoor cooking information, please visit his site "The Blazing BBQ" at http://www.theblazingbbq.com The site offers thoughts, tips, how to's, recipes and other exciting BBQ related bits and pieces.

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