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             29 January, 2020

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The Crazy World Of RSS

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2008-07-01 04:36:54     
Article by Karl Sultana

Rss fields are simple an invention created to help us get more information faster. It saves time and energy. If you are a webmaster you can utilize rss fields to drive traffic and get backlinks towards your website. If you are looking for information online, you can use rss fields to save a ton of time.

Rss fields are just like URLs, but instead of displaying a website, they sort of extract content from a particular website, usually a blog. You type in the rss field in the web browser, just like you do with a URL, then it loads links pointing to the blog posts of a specific blog and usually a small snippet of the blog post content.

So here is how this can be helpful if you are a webmaster.

There are rss directories, which just like article directories or website directories they accept rss field submissions. You grab your blog rss field and submit it. You get one way links towards your blog posts. More links will help your search engine rankings.

Depending on the platform you use to create your blog, you can edit your rss field settings and find out what your rss field is. Just navigate in your blog account settings.

You can add the rss field in various other places apart from rss directories. There are also software to automatically submit to these rss directories. Places like squidoo for example allow you to input your rss field. Just research a bit to find out where you can add your rss field.

On your blog it is a good idea, to let your visitors know you have an rss field, so they subscribe. This will help you get more backlinks if they bookmark it in some of their favorite social bookmarking websites. Plus the traffic you get from repeated visitors. They simple need an rss reader, which can be web based or software to read the new blog posts you add without the need to visit your blog.

Some rss readers automatically send them an email when you update your blog with something new. This is very helpful, you just have to add a small button or subscription form to capture rss readers. There are many free tools to implement this on your blog.

You can also add your own rss field to Google reader, My MSN and My Yahoo! Some recommend this as a method to get backlinks from these three popular websites.

If you are researching online and there are several blogs in most cases which you wish to monitor, you can use rss fields. Grab the rss fields of each blog, signup with an rss reader and you do not need to bookmark each blog and manually check whenever they add something new. It is done for you automatically by the rss reader.

We are not getting lazy, but we have to use our time wisely. These inventions help us do more without wasting more energy or time. Every blog owner needs to use rss fields in order to drive more traffic, get more backlinks or both.

Getting backlinks by using RSS fields is a great search engine optimization strategy. Discover even more tips and tricks on OutRankSmart.

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