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How To Get Published Successfully

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2008-01-08 06:05:36     
Article by Linda Leon

There are a lot of ways to get your book in print. However what drives this decision is what is your objective in publishing. A person that intends to exploit large audiences for their project would not go to a local copy shop and have copies made of their material. But to a person doing a seminar with a few hundred people this would be a totally acceptable route. The basic routes are copies, self publishing, traditional publishing and ebooks. Copies are good for small events, test marketing and initial book evaluations. Self publishing can be done through print shops or POD's. Traditional publishing is done through a process of submissions or querries. Once accepted the publishing house sets up a contract, royalties and in some cases advances and then proceeds with the printing of your book.

Self publishing can be as simple as setting up a text file or as detailed as having your work typeset. If you need help with traditional publishing. The information listed below can be of great assistance. These are things you need to know before contacting a traditional publisher. These points of consideration are designed to help you keep your submission from the rejection pile.

1. Company history
2. Company goals for at least the next 5 years
3. Top brass
4. A copy of at least 1-3 years of catalogs
5. What are they currently sending into book stores
6. Who are their top writers
7. What are their top writers writing
8. Do they accept unsolicited manuscripts
9. Would they prefer queries only
10. Who screens submissions
11. What are their writers guidelines
12. What causes the majority of their rejections
13. What is their evaluation process
14. What scale is used to evaluate submissions
15. Do you know who their competition is
16. What are they doing to compete with their competition

An ebook is best used when you want instant access and payment for your material. The use of ebooks is becoming more and more popular. It is also a very easy way to test market.

Once you get your books in print, marketing begins. Actually marketing begins before you get your books in print. However after the books have been printed getting exposure for them is essential. You have to develop a plan of action. Some basic things that you can do is to identify your target market, reach your target market, communicate and distribute to them. In essence who is it that you really want to reach.

For example there is a resource on line called The Write Spot at Ning.com that is dedicated to helping new authors. The target market is clearly defined - new authors. However all target markets are not easily defined. You really have to brain storm to define them. One of the best places to start is the yellow pages. Go down the various topics and ask yourself as you are browsing, can this group be helped by my book. If the answer is yes, you have identified a target market. There are some common target markets such as women, ethnicities, certain age demographics or certain regional geographics. Then you evaluate the best way to reach your target market. This could be anything from seminars to web saturation.

Finally develop how to communicate with them such as newsletters, telephone seminars, webinars, promotions, or magazines. Finally distribute your project to them in the most professional and error free method possible. Always remember that customer service pays dividends.

Linda Leon is a person who loves God, enjoys inspiring people and has done a gazillion things like write books, produce TV programs, and get ordained. Feel free to contact her at http://www.thewritespot.ning.com.

Specialized in: Job - New - Authors - Writers - Block - Freelance - Needed - Christian - Book - Publisher - Market - Editor - Workshop - Club - Network
URL: http://thewritespot.ning.com
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