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             19 November, 2019

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The History of PC Satellite TV

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2007-09-15 09:22:19     
Article by Jon Edings

Circuitry, in the early times of TV electronics, revolved around fine tuning, picture adjustment, video and audio sharpening, as well as the remote control all of which were run on digital microchips, later evolving into CPU-related microprocessors and microcontrollers.

But, many of the so-called television sets or TVs in shops are actually computers in nature specifically designed to be receptive to television signals and broadcasts. But, as TVs have slowly transformed themselves into becoming computers, the real computers haven't had the ability to display TV pictures until ten years ago with the advancements in technology.

The analog TV tuner cards have existed since the mid-1990's but has since been difficult to set up and operate with. In 1995, Olivetti launched Envision PC in an attempt to combine television and computers into one technology. Operating at only 75MHz, the Envision PC works with the Windows 95 and Pentium 486 processor machine. With these features in line, the Envision PC garnered only little success as reviews say that the technology was badly made. Its whole structure was very expensive but not even worth the hard-earned money, as it was easily infiltrated by bugs or viruses. Thus, the Envision PC was short-lived, and after which has been faced-out of the market, not even leaving a single trace.

With the dawn of the Microsoft Windows 98, computer technology has improved from audio to video capabilities that experienced overhaul. More importantly, computers have more video capabilities at a greater stability, working together with faster processor speeds of larger disk drives at cheaper memory. Now, TV technology have found their way into computer technology as TV tuner cards have been used to watch live TV broadcasts while, at the same time, running a program on Windows, the Microsoft Word, perhaps. This upgrade pushed the computer and television integration technology to its limits, until TV on PC's was launched on October 1st 1998 by the Sky Digital satellite broadcasting service.

And the years after the fateful Sky Digital launched experienced the proliferation of Satellite TV on PC's in the confines of the home, as satellite TV providers grow in numbers. This technology enabled users to watch TV with a myriad channels from all over the world. This technology does not actually come free, as one needs to have a small fee in hand, a computer, and of course an internet connection to avail of the many features the PC Satellite TV technology offers.

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